Adrenaline Junkie - the start of a souvenir series in geocaching

Adrenaline junkie: after Planetary Pursuit and Hidden Creatures, we geocachers now have a new series of souvenirs to look forward to. Groundspeak has come up with something new.


What is a souvenir?

To answer the question of what exactly a souvenir actually is, we are happy to link to our blog post on the small, colorful pictures:

In German, souvenir means something like the synonyms memory, keepsake. These can be memories - souvenirs - of a vacation around the world, memories of a person, a building or an area. We often associate it with a good feeling (as Wikipedia calls it).


It is no different with geocaches, only that these souvenirs cannot dust…. Souvenirs are virtual, small works of art, beautifully designed pictures that can be obtained from GroundSpeak for a certain performance, usually the find of a cache. The reason to bring such souvenirs onto the market is usually the desire to create an incentive for geocacher.

The souvenirs can be viewed on the public user profile. At Cachewiki you can read: “Souvenirs are an award from Groudspeak for achieving a specific goal. Groundspeak itself describes them as “virtual works of art with an associated text”.

A very rough distinction is made between country souvenirs, event souvenirs and souvenirs for special, unusual caches.

The new series from September to December 2018

And now comes a new four-month series from Groundspeak. It's titled "You might be a geocacher, if...."

Every month from September to December - without stress - points can be collected for a new souvenir. Are you an adrenaline junkie? Are you a caching connoisseur? A "social butterfly"? Or a trackable lover?

So on September 3rd the Adrenaline Junkie will start. Anyone who now thinks that only T5 and the like count here is wrong. The threshold for receiving the souvenir seems to have been deliberately chosen to be low. So you don't need too much adrenaline. But it also has something to do with the Friends League, which we have known since the Planetary Pursuit campaign at the latest.

The September campaign: Adrenalin-Junkie

In September you could be an adrenaline junkie if...

This is where thrills come into play. Whether it's climbing, diving or hanging (rope) it all involves a little bit of fear and lots of fun. Despite this description, the souvenir seems within reach of everyone, there is enough time, no one needs to stress.

Earning the Adrenaline Junkie souvenir requires 50 Friend League points. You don't have to pass a quiz, upload a video, or post it on Facebook: just log a geocache online, like we do, please.

The promotion starts on Monday 3 September at 12 noon. If you now ask yourself whether it is 12 o'clock in the USA or in Germany or England, you will also get an answer. It's about the UTC time, so exactly defined. Since we're two hours ahead of UTC time here (currently), we assume that the promotion will start on September 3rd at 2 p.m. German time. The campaign ends on Monday, October 1, again at 12:00 p.m. UTC or 2:00 p.m. German time.

It takes 50 individual Friend League points to earn the first souvenir. Since the points are fairly easy to earn, it seems to appeal to everyone, not just die-hard adrenaline junkies. Logging a 1/1 cache 10 times in a month should be possible. On the other hand, 2 caches with a higher D/T rating are sufficient.

Point distribution

The distribution of points is listed in detail:

  • Found a geocache: 5 points
  • Difficulty: times 2
  • Terrain: times 2
  • cache with >10 FAP: 10 points
  • Participated in an event: 5 points
  • Trackable discarded: 3 points

The maximum number of points that can be earned for logging a geocache is 30 points.

There are no points for Labcaches in this campaign, but for attending an event. The event type is not differentiated here.

friend list

The penultimate souvenir campaign was also about the Friends League. It's about the friends listed in your geocaching account under Friends. A Friends League will be created – automatically – for this group of friends and reset to zero on September 3 at 12:00 p.m.

In German, the Friends League is a kind of ranking list that shows you where you stand with your points in the group of your friends. The Friends League shows the total points you have collected during the month. You can also see how many points your friends have earned. Here, too, the reason is certainly the incentive to compare oneself with others.

The Friends League is not included in the geocaching app, but it is on the website and therefore also in the web browser of the mobile phone.

And don't be surprised, it's NOT about reaching the points TOGETHER with all your friends, but everyone does it for themselves. The friends list is only intended to stimulate comparison. I already know pretty well who will get the souvenir first from my friends list. You too?

There will certainly be interesting videos on youtube about the Akton.

What's next?

Souvenirs have also been announced for the months of October, November and December. The titles for the upcoming souvenirs sound promising:

Are you a caching connoisseur? A "social butterfly"? Or a trackable lover? What can I imagine under a "social butterfly"? Someone who flutters from event to event? We will find out. We at Cacher-Reisen are traveling together in the United States in October-so it should not be stressful to master the challenge in the group! We are excited to see what awaits us in October, November and December. But now a lot of fun collecting points in September!

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