Fishing round in the Panzerwald near Viernheim (GC8DDZ6 ff.)


A round of fishing in the Panzerwald near Viernheim (GC8DDZ6 ff.)

Under the name LP Munitionsbunker Vhm, the owner has hidden 12 nimble caches, always alternating multi-mystery. At the end of the round, two mysteries are added as Bonus T and Bonus M. A bit confusing perhaps from the name, but a very logical route.

The caches are all in the Viernheim Forest, which is known for its bunkers. As the name suggests, these are ammunition bunkers, which are usually all empty at the moment. The aisles are all laid out at right angles and thus result in a logical route. Along the L3111 you will find a signposted car park, which is also visited by many hikers.

From there it is only a few meters to the start of the round.

The terrain is flat and also suitable for less experienced hikers. The route is given in the listing as 6 km, which also corresponded to our pedometers.

The odd numbered caches starting with #1 are traditional caches. So run there, search, pull out the fishing rod, fish for a little jar, log and hang up again. It wasn't always as easy as described here, the fresh green of the trees can be very dense. But apart from one can, we all like it on our walk in May. The even numbers, starting at #2, are listed as mysteries, but not an insurmountable challenge, so you can quickly put the round together at home.

The listing is informative, one learns that a fishing rod is required, but the caches are at such a height that it can easily be done with commercially available devices. It's not about higher, higher and I can do higher.

As already described, the forest paths are very pleasant, no vertical meters and are definitely suitable for prams if the pram can tolerate forest soil.

For each cache there is a spoiler image in the listing, which is more or less helpful. We didn't find it at No. 3, but other cachers after us did. We must have had tomatoes on our eyes. However, that did not detract from our joy about this round.

Of course, not only the fishing caches are particularly worth mentioning in this round, which in their rating already help some cachers with the D rating. The special feature here is that you can always find the caches near a bunker. But not every bunker is bedost. That means there are still a lot of these halls here. Some you can look into or walk into. There are rarities to be found, take a look for yourself:

Otherwise, the bunkers do not offer much variety, they are usually empty.

On the way, with a few meters detour, one or the other cache can also be lifted. You walk almost automatically over the Earth-Cache Heidelberger Becken( and here you can find interesting information about the location.

Anyone who likes fishing, enjoys the fresh air in the forest, would like to take a look into a bunker and is perhaps near Viernheim should set off on this walking path.

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