On a treasure hunt during the business trip

Are you one of those geocachers who like to combine work and pleasure? Business trips are an excellent opportunity for this. Our blog post is more of an experience report that should inspire you. And maybe you'll discover a tip or two for your next professional trip.

A business trip to Hanover

I got the idea for this blog post a few weeks ago when the confirmation of a conference participation fluttered into my e-mail inbox. So at the beginning of October I will travel to Hanover to take part in a science congress. My first thought was: And what else can I see in Hanover besides the venue and the hotel where I'm going to stay?

When I think of Hanover, I immediately think of the geocaching capital of the world! Not only because I regularly write blog posts about the modern scavenger hunt for the Secret Point GmbH, but also because it is actually a region with an incredibly high cache density. There are almost no excuses: Hanover and geocaching belong together!

So the business trip to Hanover is the perfect occasion to already put together a wish list of geocaches. Which geocaches do I definitely want to dig up during my short stay? How can I get there from the congress venue as quickly as possible? Will there possibly be other geocachers among the congress participants?

Fortunately, these questions are easy to answer. I would be happy to take you with me on my planning trip. And who knows: maybe we'll actually cross paths in the Hanover area.

You're spoiled for choice!

My time in Hanover will be limited. For this reason, I look for geocaches near the congress venue as well as finds that are thematically interesting for me. Maybe there is even enough time for a whole GeoTour? How I would like to earn a souvenir by completing a complete GeoTour. So, what would be feasible for me?

Wow, there are a total of six GeoTours in the Hanover region. The shortest GeoTour or the GeoTour with the lowest number of geocaches is the "Voluntary in Hanover GeoTour (GT4AA)". However, a quick look at the online map tells me that they are quite far apart. I won't complete this GeoTour during my short business trip, but there is a much larger range of options.

The "Leibniz Geosecrets GeoTour ( GT4B5)“ looks very promising and thematically it fits in perfectly with the science congress that I will be attending: The total of 13 mystery caches and the one Wherigo™ cache are pretty close together and appropriately form on the map a capital L like Leibniz. I am already looking forward to the excursion between the individual days of the congress into the world of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. I'm sure I can show off a little during the coffee break and report on the GeoTour.

Oh, how nice: And already the first geocaching goal is set. But the hunting fever is already tingling in my fingers and I'm looking for more adventures in Lower Saxony's capital. Before that, however, I'll create a list of favorites for Hanover: It would be a shame if one of the geocaches that were now selected virtually slipped through my fingers on the spot. I can use this function because of my Geocaching Premium membership. Just in case you're wondering why you can't find the favorites lists with a basic membership. Incidentally, the same applies to the search field, in which I can enter "Hannover" as a search term.

Hanover is the geocaching capital of the world!

My hometown Bonn may be the former federal capital, but Hannover is definitely the geocaching capital of the world. And so it's not surprising that I find what I'm looking for in my search for suitable business trip geocaches: Beforehand, I sorted the Hanoverian geocaches according to favorite points and based myself on the most popular ones. This shows once again that SecretPoint does a really good job and has built the most popular geocaches.

The traditional cache "noble STADTgestalten (GC6NE4G)" jumps in with me almost 1500 favorite points. The listing tells me what "Haus Jasper" was all about, which was destroyed in World War II, and this geocache ends up on my business trip favorites list.

There are a few Earth Caches nearby that I also save directly. "On the trail of the dinosaurs (GC7FHH1)" catches me right away and I am looking forward to this Paleo-EarthCache, which I will also pay a visit to. In addition, there are also some caches installed by SecretPoint on the map, which of course are also on my favorites list.

The Adventure Lab by Globetrotter Hanover shouldn't be missed either. Oh, you've probably already noticed: will this be a business trip to Hanover or rather a geocaching tour?! Well, that's how it is in Hanover and I'm sure I'll discover a lot of other treasures in the next few weeks and put them on my list of favourites. Speaking of which: I could also ask my colleagues from the far north which geocaches they would recommend for me as a hectic business traveler....

Sustainable travel to the geocaches

The only question that remains is how I can drive to the objects of my desire as quickly as possible if I can't reach them on foot. Of course I look directly for public transport such as buses and trains. For less than 10 euros I travel as a single person with the day ticket through all tariff zones and can change trains as often as I want. Great, the mobility problem would have been clarified in advance! Great, I could start my business trip straight away, but the treasures in Hanover will probably have to wait a few more months. With this in mind: See you soon in the forest or, more appropriately, in Hannover!

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