Blossoming Mölsheim - wild bee nature trail - GC8GVG2

Blossoming Mölsheim - wild bee nature trail - GC8GVG2

A letterbox of the classic kind in Rheinhessen - if you call up the cache GC8GVG2, there are 2 parking lot coordinates, 11 waypoints, 1 reference point and 1 final coordinate with a calculation formula.

Mölsheim belongs to the community of Monsheim, is located in the district of Alzey-Worms and is therefore in Rhineland-Palatinate. In 2017, a wild bee educational trail was created here. It is intended to draw attention to the issue of wild bee mortality. Already in the listing one learns that there are more than 400 different species of wild bees in Rheinhessen alone. Can you name which of them? We didn't until yesterday. In this respect, the panels along the way were very interesting. For my taste they are a bit overloaded, there is just too much information. At 15 stations, you are made aware of the spot you are standing in front of. You become aware of what the meadow or the plants in front of you mean to which bee species.

It's a good thing that we're walking the path in spring, everything is just beginning to bloom, which of course improves the picture you have of the area enormously. As we walk the path on a sunny spring afternoon, there is a lot of humming and humming around us. Just right for the topic.

However, the reason why we became aware of the wild bee trail is the letterbox. A special icon, a walk through Rheinhessen - something that we can also tackle calmly for two in the current crisis. Overall, we met 1 dog owner and 2 walkers on the way…. We could see some cyclists on the street. It's not the busiest area.

We were looking for a little hike and found this cache's listing. Since no mileage or time was included, we searched the web for information. Since the wild bee nature trail in Mölsheim is still quite new, numerous articles about it were quickly found. We learned that there is a small and a large circular route, 1.2 and 4 km long. There is also a little height in Rheinhessen, but it can be easily managed in the vineyards. The letterbox leads over the large circular route.

We are a little irritated by the prelog, which examines the route very critically and also writes that he found the final with help. We worry if we will be able to find the way and complete the letterbox. However, the pre-logger is also a critical cacher (he forgive us), so we want to take a closer look at the whole thing on site.

In the best of weather, we make our way to Mölsheim. Since it is not a Sunday and we also have a ban on meetings, the main car park is also free, the wine rest is closed. Since it's almost part of our home zone, we know the place and the place. Many a cache has already led us here. The view is simply stunning - so the cache is worth a visit for that alone.

At the first station we still have to think about the system of the boards of the wild bee educational trail.
As usual with a real letterbox, we do not need a GPS device for the route, the route can be seen on the information boards by drawing. And since this drawing appears on each of the boards with the caption, we always find our way to the next station quite easily. The questions can all be answered very well – you just have to be able to read. There isn't a question for every panel, and you don't have to go to every point on the educational trail. Adapting the routing of a letterbox to an educational trail seems to make a lot of sense to us for preserving the cache. These boards don't just go away, they always have the information you need at your fingertips.

You can get a lot more information if you feel like it. On the one hand there is a lot of text on the boards, but on the other hand there are also objects that can be seen again and again.

Definitely a very appropriate letterbox thematically. At the penultimate station, we use the bench in the sun and do some arithmetic. Then we opened up to the last station and a short time later we were standing in the vineyard with the can in our hands and a happy smile on our faces. Everything done right. The thematically matching stamp in the box completes this cache.          

Conclusion: If you are in the vicinity, you can definitely put this cache on the to-do list. We had a wonderful walk through the Rheinhessen vineyards. Of course, you don't have to drive a lot of kilometers for this. It's just a pity that the cache is listed as a premium cache. As a result, it is found less often and my companion, for example as a non-premium member, does not want to log the cache through complicated actions. Too bad! Premium is okay and sometimes good for protecting a geocache. We cannot understand the meaning of this letterbox, which leads along an official educational trail. However, that does not detract from our praise for this cache. Nevertheless, the recommendation is: do it if you are nearby.                                                 

Versteckter TB #10  

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