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Bubble Gum Day or Chewing Gum Day


Like you at Pinacolada Day (https://www.cacher-reisen.com/de/Blog/Pina-Colada-Day-kuriose-Feiertage-aus-aller-Welt::80.html)  or Kauf-ein-Buch-Tag (https://www.cacher-reisen.com/de/Blog/Kauf-ein-Buch-Tag-Kuriose-Feiertage-aus-aller-Welt::102.html) As you might have already noticed, we always keep an eye out for curious public holidays around the world.

Today's Bubblegum Day is reminiscent of the bubble gum wall in Seattle, which we have visited several times now.

Bubblegum Day


Bubblegum Day – Exact Date

The first Friday in February has been celebrating Bubble Gum since 2006 – the type of chewing gum used to form large bubbles. And this is February 1st in 2019. The date of the national day was set by the American Ruth Spiro. If you look at the background of the day, it's also clear that it couldn't have been in the Holiday.


Bubblegum Day – how did it happen

The American Ruth Spiro dedicated the day to honoring the formation of large bubbles of chewing gum. She works as a children's book author and, by her own admission, is a big bubble fan. This is not about an American food festival, but a day with an educational and charitable background.

The inventor's main concern with the holiday was that schools collect donations for a good cause. However, it should be a day when the students should not sell anything.

Rather, it was about being allowed to chew bubblegum and make big bubbles that day at school. Each school was allowed to decide for itself what they wanted to support with the donations. Each student should donate only 50 cents for the permit on the day.

Remarkably, the bubble tag has expanded over time and now includes schools, museums, libraries, retirement homes, military bases and even NASA.


Bubblegum Day - the cache on the bubblegum wall in Seattle

 Before the city of Seattle made another attempt to "clean" the wall in 2018, there was a geocache on this gum wall, right next to Farmers Market. German cacher groups who were on the road with cacher trips also looked for the cache here more than desperately. Sometimes it was hidden in real chewing gum, sometimes in a snail shell that sat on the windowsill. And of course he always hiked, so tips didn't help much. In any case, we always visited the chewing gum wall and were - with all due respect - a little sad about the clean-up operation. The pictures we use to embellish the article were taken last October. See for yourself, nature, oh no, the chewing gum is reclaiming the wall. So far, however, there is no geocache to be found here again. We are very curious to see whether the wall of the bubble has grown a bit again in October of this year.

With this in mind: Have a great Bubble Gum Day everyone. Whether in the USA, in Germany or anywhere else in the world. ????


By the way, yesterday was National Serpent Day in the USA. This day also has a certain connection to our annual USA tour. If you are looking for a cache from the year 2000 or 2001 or for one or the other cache of the E.T.Highway in the Nevada desert, you may encounter a snake. However, these are rather small and not dangerous for humans - but caching in the Nevada desert is still a small adventure. And is part of the USA tour of Cacher-Reisen. Leave your e-mail address on the waiting list and you will always be well informed about our trips: https://www.cacher-reisen.com/de/Newsletter:_:14.html

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