Reach the Peak Challenge Marathon

from August 21 to early March 22

Are you taking part in the new Groundspeak Challenge Marathon? Like almost every August of the year, Groundspeak gives a new incentive to cache regularly. This year the challenge is called the Reach-the-Peak Challenge. Climb a mountain every month and receive a souvenir at the valley and mountain stations.
Fits perfectly for the first trip of Cacher-Reisen after the "restart": From now on it's uphill - off to the Teide. Teide-Tour Even though Mount Teide on Tenerife isn't included in Groundspeak's points challenge, we felt addressed.

And to explain for everyone who still doesn't quite understand the regulations of the new challenge, we've tried to summarize it here:
First of all, it's not about altitude meters that you have to walk when caching, but about points that you get with a found log.

For each monthly mountain, there is a base camp (valley station = 1st souvenir) and a summit souvenir (as many points as the mountain is high = 2nd souvenir) to climb.


From August 21 – early March 22 (total 7 months) each geocacher can get 2 souvenirs per month. And as is so often the case with Groundspeak: if you have reached all fourteen souvenirs, you will automatically receive a fifteenth on top. But this time really only if you have collected all 14 previous ones.

How many points you get per found log changes from month to month, depending on the cache type. In August, the multi is very popular, that will change from month to month.
How many points you need per month to reach the base souvenir and the summit souvenir differs and depends on the height of the respective mountain.

Here's how many points you can get with which log in August:
Multi cache: 600 points
Mystery Cache: 500 points
Earth cache: 450 points
Adventure-Lab-Cache: 350 points
All other cache types: 325 points
This means that you receive at least 325 points per cache log, and more depending on the type of cache.

As I said, next month the distribution of points should be completely different. Different mountain, different height meters and also different distribution of points for the cache types. We all find out about this on the last Tuesday of the month.
Do you let it affect your cache behavior? A little maybe? Or are you patiently waiting to see what finds the month will bring? I'm sure that towards the end of the month I'll see how many points I'm still missing...

August 2021 – Here we go!
August is about the Puncak Jaya. Don't you know? Maybe there weren't that many cachers on Oceania...
This mountain is also called Carstensz Pyramid, formerly Djalaspitze or Sukarno. It is considered the highest mountain in Oceania and is the highest mountain on an island in the world. It belongs to the Indonesian province of the island of New Guinea.
Since Puncak Jaya peak is 4884m high, the second souvenir requires 4884 points. For the base camp or the base souvenir you need 325 m or 325 points.
This means that with just one cache find in August you will already receive the Puncak Jaya base camp souvenir. The first souvenir of the series. A maximum of 16 caches are required for the summit souvenir. As soon as you have Multi, Mystery, Earth-Cache or Adventure-Lab with you, even less than 16 caches are enough.

September is all about the Vinson. Antarctic! But with an altitude of 4892 m, there are not many more points that are needed for the summit souvenir. But first climb the Puncak Jaya in August!
The challenge starts on August 2nd and you should then collect the points in August. But don't log too early! On August 2nd, the challenge starts at 12:00 UTC. If you don't want to do a long conversion: in Germany it's 2:00 p.m. Means what you log for August 2nd, do not log before 2 p.m., so that the points also count in the challenge.
The points do not count retrospectively, i.e. if you want to have the two souvenirs for August, you must also log in August. This also applies to all subsequent months. Maybe an incentive to log promptly?
Likewise, if you convert a note, DNF, or other type of log into a found log, a find doesn't count.

The mountains
Each month is about a specific mountain. You can get two souvenirs in each mont for the mountain: always a base camp souvenir and a summit souvenir. For the last one you need a score that corresponds to the actual height of the mountain in question.

Puncak Jaya (New Guinea, Indonesia)
Vinson (Antarctica)
Elbrus (Russia)
Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
Denali (Alaska)
Aconcagua (Argentina)
Everest (Nepal)
-one souvenir each for the base camp and another souvenir for the summit. And as one might guess, the amount of summit souvenirs increases from mountain to mountain, month to month.

Peak Performer Souvenir
This fifteenth souvenir (Peak Performer) is awarded to every geocacher who has achieved the two souvenirs by March 6, 22 each month. You can't log afterwards, if the deadline has passed, unfortunately that's it for the Peak Performer Souvenir. So the motto is: stay on the ball.
You can enter the challenge at any time, only participate in certain months, etc. But for the Peak Performer Souvenir you need both souvenirs every month. But don't worry, even though there's a leaderboard, you don't have to be the fastest to do it. Just keep an eye on the month.

The last Tuesday of a month -
brings the next challenge a little closer.
Every month, the point ratings for the different types of finds change. On the last Tuesday of each month you can find out what points a Multi, a Tradi, an Earthcache, etc. will bring in the following month.
There should also be a leaderboard. This is always transmitted on the following Monday for the previous month and then reset to zero.

You can see your progress in points towards reaching the next souvenir on your profile from August 2nd, 2pm GMT (start of the challenge) under the title "Reach the Peak". This applies for the entire duration of the challenge.

We find…..
another successful action by Groundspeak to keep up the play instinct. Reaching one of the souvenirs is certainly possible for many geocachers. Reaching the top is always a challenge. Not every geocacher lives in countries where many geocaches are available. Let's think of a trip where the cacher community on Guernsey welcomed us with a smile. Your greatest wish to us: put us a cache. The island is finite and the local cachers sometimes drive “over to England” for Groundspeak campaigns. You should never forget that when we smile a little at Groundspeak's actions or when some geocachers in Germany already find both souvenirs in their profiles on August 2nd. The Peak Performer Souvenir may be difficult to obtain in some areas of the world. Let's see what the social media channels will tell us about success and failure.
We look forward to your feedback!

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