CITO 2019 – two new souvenirs at Groundspeak

A cito = cache in, trash out suits the geocachers well. Does it mean something like “Cache in, garbage out” in German. We geocachers "use" nature for our game and can give something back to nature with this special type of event.


What is a CITO?

A CITO is an event, but has its own icon. It's about cleaning up something in nature or doing something good for the naut. E.g. a tree planting acton. Very often the geocachers meet armed with garbage bags, grabs and gloves and clean a clearly defined part of a local recreation area, along footpaths, green strips on streets, etc. These actions are regularly coordinated with the administration of the municipality, the collected garbage is in the usually picked up free of charge.

A CITO event is basically possible at any time of the year in Germany. Sometimes there are guidelines from the municipalities, e.g. due to bird breeding times etc. Your municipal administration has more information on this. Depending on the plot of land you are considering, the hunter, forester, building management yard, etc. may be in charge. If you are looking for a suitable place, you will also get information and help here. So far we have always heard of gratitude, approval and support from the administration. Nature conservation organizations and companies are also good contacts for your project.

Like every event, a CITO must last at least 30 minutes. But that would not achieve so much, so that this type of event is often scheduled for 3-4 hours. This is often followed by a more leisurely part, such as a picnic or something similar. Here, too, the social character should not be neglected.

Souvenir for CITO

Although a CITO can be held at any time of the year, Groundspeak typically sponsors this type of event with two souvenirs a year. In the past few years, there has always been a week in spring and autumn in which a special souvenir could be purchased for a CITO visit or event. These colorful pictures, which are provided artistically by Groundspeak, encourage some cachers to visit an event even more. Here in this case a CITO and to actively help.

And this year, Groundspeak has come up with even more. The time to purchase a souvenir with a CITO is no longer just a week. No, it has been expanded to 2 seasons. In German, the season means a period of three whole months!

In the first round, season 1, the CITO time runs from Friday, March 1st to Friday, May 31st, 2019, i.e. the whole months of March, April and May.

The second season runs from Sunday, September 1st to Saturday, November 30th, 2019. That means the whole months of September, October and November.

Anyone who organizes a CITO themselves or attends a CITO during this time will not only receive the event point with the log, but also the souvenir for the respective season. Each period has its own souvenir, so you can get 2 souvenirs for CITO in a year. If you visit more than one CITO in the three months of the first season, there is still one souvenir, it's logical, isn't it? Of course everyone is free to visit more than one souvenir in the "season" or to organize or visit a CITO outside of the times mentioned. More is always possible! The souvenirs should be an incentive for a visit or the event of a CITO in the mentioned seasons.

What has changed for the CITO?

There have already been two souvenirs for CITO in recent years. What has changed – and significantly so – is the time period. Previously it was always scheduled for a week, but now it is 3 months. Why do you do that? So far, it has sometimes been difficult to visit or hold a CITO exactly in this week. On the one hand, private appointments sometimes speak against it, with a longer duration the possibility for each individual cacher is much higher. But there were also other obstacles, such as bird breeding season or protection periods for nature reserves. During the time mentioned, it was simply not possible to organize such an event with the administration and nature conservation associations. Sure, you can do that a few weeks later without a souvenir, but the incentive was less. The greater flexibility that now comes with the significantly longer deadline will certainly help to push more projects in this direction. And in the end, that helps everyone.

By March 1st it is not so long and a little preparation needs a Cito. The question of the location must be clarified, the administration must be addressed because of the subsequent garbage disposal (only that the caches collect the garbage on one point, it is not yet gone ...), the listing must be created and submitted and ultimately also submitted First of all, a date for your own region is found, where not too many other activities already take place. So, maybe you already have an idea where you urgently need to be cleaned up in nature or take a close look on your next walk. There are guaranteed to be found enough places that can need helping hands. And thanks to the souvenirs, there is certainly enough cacher who are willing to sacrifice some time for our environment. With this in mind: Thank you very much for all Cito-downers and all CITO visitors, a lot of fun and joy at the event!

We look forward to your feedback if you plan a Cito, prepare and have online!

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