The event – a special geocaching type of cache

A geocaching event – German geocachers understand this to mean a meeting with other cachers. Depending on the planned size, a distinction is made between events, megas or even gigas.

An event can be planned for at least 7 participants - if there were fewer later, that's no problem. The reviewer can only refuse approval if fewer participants are expected. But more information on that later.

500 participants must be expected for a mega. Since it is usually assumed that there are 1.6 participants per account, the mega status is awarded from around 330 Will Attends. 5000 participants are to be expected for a giga. While mega events such as those in Berlin or Hamburg also receive attention from the press, this is not the case with “normal” events. CITOs offer an exception to this.

The "normal" event on a small scale can have many different faces. There is always (at least) one owner. Here, too, several owners can join forces, but this is rarely the case. A listing is created by the owner for each event, submitted for review and published by the reviewer. Publishing an event is often easier than publishing a new cache. Each attendee should press Will Attend to an event. This shows the owner how many participants he should expect. This makes sense, especially if seats have to be reserved. At an event in the great outdoors, it is seen rather casually, whoever stops by is always welcome. We roughly differentiate between regulars' tables, events with a program item or meetings in the great outdoors. Another specialty are Christmas market events.

Geocaching Event

Geocaching event as a regulars' table

The "normal event" often takes place in a restaurant, or in summer in the beer garden. You meet, eat something together, exchange TB's and coins and chat about our hobby and the latest news. Events are always a great place for new geocachers to meet and learn from others. In some cities there are also meetings for "newbies", where experienced hands who have been in the hobby for a long time are happy to give tips and help. There should also be events where you can win small prizes (e.g. at GIFF events....)

The restaurant isn't that easy either. Any commercial use of the hobby and the platform is prohibited on the part of Groundspeak. Yes, that may sound a bit strange at first, as many coins, TB's, flashlights, clothing, books, etc. are sold on the subject of geocaching. That's not what is meant either. There should be no advertising for specific restaurants on the Groundspeak site. It is often permissible to name the restaurant (you can also see it from the coordinates...) but the menu must not be linked. Although the regulation is clear, the interpretation by the reviewers is not always consistent. It's also difficult to say where advertising begins and what is just the naming of a place. But that's not important in our opinion. The cacher will definitely find the event via the Kords, the menu can still be read on site. It is really important that the events offer a great exchange platform for all cachers. Many of the "Stammtisch events" do not have the term in their name, we are just trying to provide a transparent comparison for everyone who has not really often attended an event. These events often take place at regular intervals, e.g. every 15th of a month or always on the 1st Tuesday of a quarter. There are events in the evening (where the majority of cachers probably have time), but also during the lunch break or at the weekend. Sometimes the owners of the community take turns, sometimes it is one owner who regularly organizes the event. If you look at some event names you can be amazed at the number. There's already the 499th regulars' table in XY... (check it out)

It is really important at regulars' tables that you register with the Will Attend so that the owner has a certain idea of the number of participants and can reserve the place accordingly. There is never a compulsion to eat, you can theoretically come into the restaurant, chat briefly, log, and then disappear again. It's just not that nice then...

Geocaching event with program item

According to Groundspeak, it is not allowed to arrange a tour for joint geocaching and to document this with an event. The event is therefore often at the beginning or end of another program item. In contrast to geocache tours, however, it is permissible, after consultation with the reviewer, to publish a visit to a company or similar as an event. Here, too, it must be possible for every cacher to come by to log without taking part in a (often chargeable) inspection. The event itself must not cost admission. Concerts, such as Rock am Ring, were previously not allowed to accompany geocacher events. It is different if a concert is booked as a supporting program for a mega or giga. If after an event or before, for example, there is a cave tour that you CAN take part in, this is possible. Unfortunately, these events with program items do not take place very often. Mostly there are game nights or sporting activities, such as soccer events.

Other geocaching events

Here we summarize everything that is an event but not a regulars' table or a program item event. Very often these are meetings of visitors to a city or place with the aim of meeting local cachers. Here we have already had wonderful experiences from cacher trips, from which friendships have also developed. Travelers come to a place, look for a restaurant or a public place and use the event listing to invite all other travelers, tourists, but also the local cachers to a meeting. – minimum number –

Christmas market events

For a while, Christmas markets were not desired as an event location for non-commercial reasons. Then this regulation was relaxed again, especially for Christmas markets, and there are numerous events with mulled wine tasting during the Advent season.

Something about the D and T rating

In principle, the D and T rating (difficult and terrain) of a cache is not subject to reviewer activity. This means that the owner himself evaluates how difficult a cache is and what its terrain rating is. This sometimes results in challenges or a matrix fight in order to fill the matrix with multinationals, question marks or events. The D and T ratings are not always easy to understand. For this reason, Groundspeak also pulled the ripcord some time ago and stipulated that all events are always Difficult 1 automatically. It should always be possible to find an event…. Each owner determines the T rating according to the terrain. This is also borderline, because for an event it is not (or no longer) necessary for there to be a logbook and for every cacher to have entered in the logbook. There are events, the log book is hanging on a tree. On the one hand, I don't have to be in it, on the other hand, the logbook wanders around once during the event anyway. So, let's all be happy about the T-scoring and join in the fun and try to at least get the logbook. There aren't really any prizes to be won here. Ultimately - and this shouldn't be forgotten, especially at events that have a social and communicative character - it is and remains "only" our hobby and a great game in our free time!

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