Earth-Cache-Day 2020

A colorful little picture more for the statistics and/or the incentive for a very special cache

Next weekend, 10./11. October 2020, it's that time again: Earth Cache Day is approaching - or rather Earth Cache Weekend. For many years, Groundspeak has published a colorful image for visiting and logging an Earth cache on a specific weekend each October.

And even if things are going differently in 2020 than usual: the Earth Cache weekend is coming! Anyone who visits and logs an Earth cache on October 10th or 11th will receive the souvenir.

We have already written something about souvenirs in general: Souvenir

Now on Saturday and Sunday is the opportunity to get another colorful little picture for your own statistics. And with an Earth-Cache you always learn something new. So, plan your weekend, plan an Earth Cache visit - and let us know where you've been! Have lots of fun with it!

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