eCGA on geocaching trips

eCGA on geocaching trips

Geocachers need a lot of stuff for their hobby of geocaching!

The stock of equipment for most players has increased over the years. The terms CGA (basic cache equipment) and the eCGA (extended cacher basic equipment).


CGA (according to CacheWiki)

Cacher basic equipment, i.e. what you should have with you when searching for a cache, what should not be missing under any circumstances. Includes i.a.

  • sturdy shoes

  • possibly robust, older clothing

  • flashlight 

  • Small mirror (handheld or telescopic mirror)

  • Pen (not in every cache there is space for it)

  • GPS/Smartphone

  • Exchange items (can be found in many small caches)

  • Simple first-aid kit (geocaching can sometimes lead to injuries)

  • Water/drinks/food (very important for longer tours, otherwise optional)

In return or as an extension of this, here is the eCGA:


eCGA (according to CacheWiki)

  • Binoculars

  • Multi tool

  • Tweezers

  • Bar magnet

  • Insect repellent

  • Sun protection

  • ...

    Depending on your own cache taste, there can really be a lot more to it, such as climbing equipment, a rubber dinghy, waders, diving equipment, etc. Geocaching is something for everyone and everyone can live out their preferences. Therefore, the advanced geocaching equipment is slightly different for every geocacher. Of course, if you are also an owner, you need even more. But that's another topic.

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