Geocaching Equipment - Useful and proven items for your geocaching adventure abroad

We can count ourselves very lucky in Europe, especially in Germany! The most beautiful hobby in the world - geocaching - has reached a level here that never ceases to amaze even the authors from the USA. Night caches, extremely creative multinationals, the biggest events worldwide - you won't find all of this in this concentration anywhere else.

Accordingly, geocachers are always prepared for anything here. If you look into some Cache-Mobile, you will discover a lot of equipment in the trunk:

  • telescopic ladder
  • complete climbing equipment
  • waders
  • rubber boots
  • flashlights
  • headlamps
  • UV lamps
  • inflatable boats
  • fishing rods
  • and of course all sorts of odds and ends such as multi-tools, telescope mirrors, magnets, and and and.

Before every cacher trip, the question always arises: what do I take with me? We want to ask ourselves this question in today's article.

This belongs in the traveleCGA!

First of all: the demands and geocaching interests are of course very different. Every geocacher has a different focus and packs accordingly. It is clear that a restriction is necessary. The permitted weights for luggage and hand luggage alone make a selection necessary.

For my part, I prefer to travel with only hand luggage. If I'm traveling alone, I don't have to wait for my suitcases at the baggage carousel.
What I take with me for caching are the following things:

  • Combined flashlight and UV lamp (even with integrated laser pointer)
  • 2 webbing slings
  • magnet on a string
  • Pen
  • iPhone

That's it. I found that I just didn't need other things abroad.
Especially in countries where geocaching is still in its infancy, an
extended CGA is not needed at all. A smartphone and a pen are usually enough.

You can do without that

Since every gram counts when traveling and I have already lost a few things (e.g. a multi-tool at the luggage check), I have removed a lot from my travel eCGA.
What I no longer take with me are these things:

  • Multitool (not allowed in hand luggage anyway)
  • GPS (as batteries, cables, charger, etc. are required and this involves a lot of preparation)
  • Geocaching books (all codings are available as an app)
  • more climbing stuff (unless I explicitly do a T5 tour to Mallorca or similar)

Of course, I don't want to tell anyone what to take with them. But I encourage you to check after your next trip which of the things you took with you were actually used on site and which weren't. This saves a lot of time and weight when towing in the future.

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