Geocaching in winter

The cold season is right on our doorstep, but geocaching in winter has a very special appeal. The modern treasure hunt does not necessarily have to lead to a runny nose in the cold. What can every geocacher do to give the immune system a healthy kick outdoors? And how can institutions and companies keep the hands and feet of the cacher community warm? We will explore these questions in the following blog post.

Pure health in the fresh air

We cannot stress the issue of health big enough during the pandemic. It is well known that we get the best healthy ingredients outside in the fresh air. A geocaching tour through the forest or park not only puts you in a good mood but also provides positive brain activity. After around 20 minutes, motor cells take over the helm in our control center, which reduces stress. And you already have more energy for creative activities and things that require you to concentrate.

The improved blood circulation in muscles, organs and skin occurs after just 10 minutes of walking. What a brilliant side effect for those who set off on a forest hike for several hours. At the same time, every step promotes the formation of cartilage and bones, not only in children but also in adults. So, what are you waiting for? Go outside! For additional information, we recommend our SecretPoint blog post Do geocaching with the whole family.

The fourth corona wave was already rolling towards us with great waves: For the good of all people, the applicable protective measures must be observed. We therefore recommend thorough preliminary research so that the geocaching tour does not mutate into a new hotspot. Because in some places there is a lot going on. We don't want geocachers to put themselves in danger just because they desperately want to sign a logbook and there are crowds around them.

The opinion that cold weather makes you ill is not correct. Cold air dries out our mucous membranes in the nose and throat, making them more susceptible to colonization by bacteria and viruses. For this reason, health prevention also has to do with warming and breathable equipment.

Appropriate winter gear for an extensive geocaching tour

Which equipment is worthwhile so that the trip to the winter landscape does not turn into a nail-biter? Many geocachers go on scavenger hunts with their smartphones. That's why touchscreen-compatible gloves that also protect against cold, wind and, in the best case, even against snow and rain, are worthwhile. Well stocked outdoor specialty stores like „Travel & Trek“ in Nuremberg are the right address for this. And by the way, geocachers can lift a geocache directly in front of the shop. :-)

Depending on the scope, additional equipment is shortlisted for a carefree geocaching tour in winter: For example, the effect that cold can have on batteries should not be underestimated. In the worst case, your battery loses its charge in the freezing cold. Or perhaps a camera is also in use, which may also stop working when the temperatures are too cold. Warming packs in your backpack can help here.

Winterproof shoes should almost go without saying. Depending on the difficulty of the geocache, it takes the adventurers to places that are not so easily accessible and that could be icy. A good shoe profile is also useful in other impassable situations. The main thing is that the shoes keep you warm, offer your feet enough space during the geocache hike and protect you from slipping on slippery surfaces. The icing on the cake would be warm hiking socks, which would be ideal as a Christmas present. So make a wish!

Fat down jackets no longer have to be worn for the cold season. In the meantime, highly functional outdoor clothing without thick layers provides enough warmth so that you don't have to freeze outside. Depending on the terrain, geocaching can also be a sweat. Breathable equipment is therefore very useful so that you don't cool down on a geocaching tour.

Warm drinks and delicious provisions should not be missing either. A good vacuum flask helps enormously to keep the hot drink really warm. Otherwise there is only cold iced tea. If you want to cook a soup outside, please make sure that you only light your cooking equipment at official fireplaces. After all, you want to cause a forest fire with your cooking session!

Pre-Christmas treasure hunt instead of the Christmas market

This year it is already looking dark again at the Christmas markets in some cities. Corona is making our lives difficult again. But we don't want to let the good mood take away from us during the contemplative winter time.

Almost every major German city is equipped with different types of geocaches and new ones are added all the time. A cache check of your own city is worthwhile to find treasures that have not yet been found. Provided that the contact restrictions and distance rules can be observed perfectly to protect everyone! As already mentioned above, a good preliminary research is in the logbooks useful in order not to cause crowds.
In our secret point blog you will find a lot of geocaching tips for various major German cities and maybe yours will be there too. Here three examples:

Treasure hunt in the snow flurry

In our latitudes, Schnefffall has become rather unusual, but feel free to take a look at our travel offers. Our geocaching travel agency is open to your holiday dreams. Just get in touch with us and we'll see if a trip can be organized from it. With this in mind: See you soon in the forest and on cacher trips!

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