Geocaching in Brazil

Brazil is referred to as an emerging country. This applies not only to the economy but also to the game of geocaching. Although the game is still in its infancy here, you can clearly see how it is spreading and developing more and more.

This is certainly also due to the fact that there is a very rare geocache there, one of the last two "Project A.P.E." caches and a very active community that promotes the hobby with a lot of commitment.

How to get to the best caches in Brazil!

Many geocachers probably think of the A.P.E. cache. Of course, this article will also deal with this, among other things. However, if you only think about this highlight, you are doing the country an injustice.

Depending on the timeline, you can integrate a lot more into your Brazil cacher trip.
But let's focus on the A.P.E. Cache and what needs to be considered.

If you want to visit it alone or with a small group, then you should choose Sao Paulo as your destination airport. There you can rent a car from one of the numerous rental car companies (SIXT, AVIS, ...). The staff at the counters are friendly as usual and speak good English, a circumstance that is otherwise rarely the case in the country.

With this it is now a good 250 km to the south. Geocachers will find their way easily, as there is a trail that stretches from Sao Paulo to Intervales Park. However, my recommendation is not to stop for every can. On the one hand, these are not really great caches, on the other hand, the journey can take a long time. Depending on when you leave Sao Paulo, the streets can be extremely crowded. It is not uncommon for the route to take 5 hours. Also note that there is a toll on the Autobahn!

Capao Bonito

In Capao Bonito you can't just do one Earthcache find, but stock up on groceries in the supermarket for the next few days. From there the road conditions become significantly worse, there are many potholes and the last few kilometers to the park are not asphalted. Therefore, when renting, make sure that you get a somewhat more robust vehicle.

It is highly recommended to contact Junior in advance. In addition to being the owner of numerous geocaches in the area, he is also a ranger in the park and he can be of great help in reserving a lodge or room in the park.

Intervales Statepark has incredibly beautiful and meanwhile many geocaches. Not only the A.P.E. Cache should be visited.

We have also listed what we think are the most beautiful caches in the eBook. There you will also find tips for your first-aid kit and packing lists.

If people want to scare you because it's so dangerous in Brazil: especially there in the park there is no crime and for years there have been no unpleasant
encounters with dangerous animals. Intervales Park is also not a
yellow fever area! So everything is very safe.

This will give you even more country points

If you are heading to Brazil, I recommend that you visit the A.P.E. Cache to connect with a trip to Iguacu. You can get there from Sao Paulo fairly quickly by plane or if you like driving, then by a longer drive across the country.

I've tried both variants and now prefer the plane, even if you don't see quite as much of the country from it.

Iguacu is a border town on the border triangle of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. There are also what I consider to be the most beautiful and impressive waterfalls in the world, the Iguacu Falls!

You can get to these from both the Brazilian and Argentinian sides.

The area around the falls is also a national park and therefore well developed for tourism.

My recommendation is to look at the Brazilian side first and then the Argentinian side. This creates a great arc of suspense. The conclusion could then be a visit to the Itaipu Dam, one of the largest dams in the world. 80% of Paraguay's electricity is produced here.

To visit the falls, just ask at the hotel lobby. Every hotel has contacts with providers who offer complete packages including a shuttle service. The prices are manageable and definitely worth every penny!

If you want to know more about how the prices are made up and what else is possible on site, take a look at the eBook here. There you will also find contact with Francis, a geocaher and guide who has lived on site for a long time and speaks very good English. Tours with him will definitely ensure that you find all geocaches on site! So the Argentinian country point is also safe!

Now it is only a short hop to Paraguay. The border town can be easily reached via a bridge. I recommend crossing it on foot because cars are almost always stuck in traffic there. There are basically no border controls. There is coming and going from both sides all day and nobody asks for the passport. But if you absolutely want to have a stamp in your passport, then don't forget to get your re-entry stamped when you return!

Personally, I don't find the border town on the Paraguayan side attractive at all. It is characterized by department stores and street vendors. Brazilians go there because they can shop very cheaply here for tax reasons.

The geocaches therefore do not lead to places that are absolutely worth seeing. But it's a quick and easy to get land point.

There are many more tips in the free eBook. And maybe someday we'll offer a cacher trip there again. In order not to miss this, it is best to put yourself on our waiting list right away!

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