Geocaching in Thailand

Southeast Asia is an emerging part of the world. Countries like Singapore and Thailand beckon
also many foreigners who lead a life as “digital nomads” there. the
Conditions are ideal: low cost of living, mostly fantastic weather,
Good network coverage everywhere and, above all, extremely friendly people.
Southeast Asia also offers a lot for geocachers. Today we want to focus specifically on Thailand,
specifically around the north of the country around Chiang Mai.

Discover the most beautiful corners with geocaching

Chiang Mai is a city in northern Thailand. It has almost 140,000 inhabitants and
is also called "Rose of the North" because of the scenic beauty - too

There are currently around 100 geocaches to be found in and around Chiang Mai. Many of them are from
hidden from foreigners living in Chiang Mai. I have some of the owners on
met at a geocaching event. They reported to me that the game here just
is still in its infancy. Not long ago the rules were translated.
However, many local players have not yet understood that the geocaches on site
have to stay. Quite often cans are gone and have to be replaced.

But what is striking in the area is that the geocaches are done by experienced people
been hidden from players. You can tell by the size, the type of hiding places and
Avoiding rookie mistakes like "bags around the can".

A moped is the best way to explore the geocaches. It should be noted,
that there is left-hand traffic here!

The first geocache site I visited is a

TB Hotel The can was also unexpectedly large and even with
Combination lock secured. You can see a small video about the cache here:


Chiang Mai not only offers beautiful geocaches but also a colorful nightlife.
On my first evening there, we went to a flower festival in the old town. it falls to me
difficult to describe all sensory impressions. Everything was incredibly colourful, everywhere
People constantly taking selfies, bonsai and cactus exhibition, a stand at
next. Thai specialties were offered for sale, all very tasty! first time
Ate fried fish skin today, as well as firm, sweet egg yolk. Sounds strange, tastes good
but excellent! I also have a cache
Found, this time on a nicely lit bridge, pretty tricky hidden.

Geocaching really makes it possible to discover all the tourist highlights in and around the
get to know the city. Of course, my host gave me tips for excursions (museums,
temple, nature, ...). There was actually one at each of the recommended destinations
to find a geocache!

To broaden one's horizon

Ideally, a stay in a foreign country not only serves to
find new caches and grab country points and souvenirs, but also to broaden one's own horizons and make new experiences. For example, I wanted to ride an elephant! There is an opportunity not far from Chiang Mai. Elephants used to be kept in Thailand as working and pack animals.
Today this practice is rarely encountered. But there are quite a number of
elephants in retirement. So that these can be well cared for, a considerable financial outlay is required. Therefore, there are some farms where tourists can meet the
imposing animals. This is how the necessary funds are generated for the care
of the elephants.

On the way from Chiang Mai to the elephant farm, a stop at a geocache is recommended,
namely at „99/2“. This is relatively large. But you should be careful when opening it, sometimes there are snakes that use the cache as a dwelling.

Of course there was also one at the elephant camp Cache.
This also shows that the hobby as a tourist guide is well suited. On site I was astonished that many elephants were walking around freely! Some even played soccer. You can also discover the Smurfs' village on a
tour of the site.

If you dare, you should definitely try a ride on the elephant. It is a very
strange feeling to sit on the neck of the largest land mammal. You sit relatively far forward, just behind your ears. The animal moves very
gently. Unique! Here's a small one Video to.

Insider tip: the most beautiful caches

It is worth stopping a few times on the way up to Doi Suthep, one of the 3 most important temples in Thailand! Shortly before the temple there is this
beautiful cache  to see. To be honest, I liked it
better than the temple itself. But of course it's also impressive!
The ascent over a few hundred steps alone leaves you speechless.

It is best to pack a towel and swimming trunks for the way back. Because
there is another cache up there and it is an absolute highlight! He was called HuayKaew Waterfall and as the name suggests, there was one of these nearby. Here you can jump off the small cliffs into very clean and refreshing water. Many tourists don't stray here so
one can be relatively undisturbed!

Even more country points!

If you are in Thailand and want to get more country points, you have a multitude of options here. The way to Myanmar and Laos is not far, but Vietnam and Cambodia are also easily accessible. Malaysia,
Singapore and Indonesia can also be easily reached with a little more time. Each country is of course worth its own trip. And if it's also about country points, so a mixture of sightseeing
and "effective" geocaching is the method of choice for us.

If you feel the same way and would like to travel with like-minded people, then
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