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With Cacher-Reisen healthy during the flight! A few tips...

Healthy on the flight

When you go on a trip with Cacher-Reisen, you sometimes can't avoid flying. Today we're all about staying healthy on the best flight! Your health is important, after all, an exciting journey awaits you after the outward flight, for which your own health is very important.


We are revealing a well-kept secret here: Annette, the travel agent from Cacher-Reisen is actually afraid of flying! That's me... At some point I realized that it doesn't matter whether I panic or cry my heart out: the plane always came down well! And okay, I still respect that something that big can blow up. But as a flight captain said so beautifully over the microphone during a really stormy flight: Please consider that the most dangerous thing about flying is the way to and from the airport.... I always say this to myself now. And I have a ritual: as soon as I board, I touch the plane with the palm of my right hand and encourage it to please not break up. The longer the better. And so far it has always worked! And yes, if you're watching me, you'll see tears running down my face from time to time: but of course that's because of the poignant book I'm reading on my phone right now and nothing else!

Being on the road together with Cacher-Reisen also means not being alone. Many times I've had wonderful conversations on planes that have made the time go by much quicker than I expected. Traveling is much easier to survive together than alone. Why we write this in an article about health on the plane: the psyche also plays a major role! Find a sympathetic travel partner and together the journey can be survived much better!

Here are our tips for a healthy trip:

Why do you get sick on the plane? How do you stay healthy on the flight?

And yet when flying there is still the danger of becoming infected and having to fight a bad cold after the flight. This is similar to the doctor's waiting room:

Healthy on the flight

You sit with many people together in a very small space. Not everyone is healthy. The dry air on the plane helps viruses and bacteria to spread easily.

There is a lot you can do not to invite the bacteria and viruses to you!


That's why we'd like to give you a few tips today:

Five tips to stay healthy while flying

It is said that the risk of catching a cold on the plane is one hundred times higher than in everyday life. But you can also stay fit above the clouds. Here are our tips:


Get on board healthy

Healthy on the flight

That's the first principle. If you are already injured or even ill on board, you will certainly not get well here. The immune system in particular should be strengthened so that it can defend itself against incoming germs, viruses and bacteria. Going on board well rested, avoiding stress beforehand, no alcohol and no cigarettes and a healthy, vitamin-rich diet help the body to resist pathogens.

Heat preservation

Healthy on the flight

Even if it sounds strange and you are traveling on your dream vacation with 30° Celsius at night, our body can cool down on the plane. The result is freezing. It helps to have a jacket or blanket ready when boarding.

The problem isn't the draft, the heat or the cold. During the flight, your body is exposed to enormous temperature fluctuations. This must be compensated for with warmth, e.g. blankets. Before take-off, while still on the ground, it is often quite warm in the cabin. During take-off, cold air flows into the cabin.

A blanket, a cozy jacket and a scarf will help here.

Healthy during flight by avoiding dry mucous membranes

Viruses also have an easy time on the wool because the humidity is very low. The air conditioning system, so often demonized as evil, is not the problem at all. When a plane has reached an altitude of over 10,000 meters, the humidity is often below 10 percent. Our mucous membranes are the natural cleaning system of the nose and mouth. The low humidity attacks and weakens these mucous membranes. So it is very important to hydrate the body.

The entire body is happy on a long-haul flight over lots of water. This can still be bought behind the security check. Often the airports also have drinking water filling stations. Take a drinking bottle from home and fill it up! The drinking bottle also helps a lot on the later journey! Our mucous membranes are happy if you don't pour half a liter of water all at once, but drink it in many small sips.

Drink healthy while flying

If the drinks trolley comes on the plane, always ask for two drinks! Water and another drink are usually both served. Coffee, black tea or alcohol, on the other hand, do not help your body. They tend to deprive the body of fluid.


Medical products like nasal spray or eye drops or even lip balm can also help you on long-haul flights. They ensure that the mucous membranes do not dry out. If you are served a tea (not black tea, of course, but herbal tea), then consciously inhale the steam. This also moistens your mucous membranes. And if these are well moistened, then they can defend themselves better against intruders.


Even if we want to give you tips here today on how you can minimize infection on a flight: We are not fans of disinfectants. But it should be said that the textile safety belt and the folding table are true germ ejectors. Just touch the harness as little as possible, buckle it and leave it buckled on the flight. For your health, you can also clean the folding table in front of you with a disinfectant wipe.

Our cycle wants to keep going

Healthy on the flight

You should move once every hour. This can be a trip to the toilet or just walking down the aisle. But it can also be lolling in the seat, stretching, circling your feet or shoulders…. Just try to do some exercise on the plane. The blood wants to circulate through your legs, a thrombosis has to be prevented.



With these five tips, which are actually very simple to follow, we wish you good health on the flights! And if you don't want to miss any of our flights, then register for our newsletter on our waiting list:

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