GPS Maze – a very special and rare cache type

What is a GPS Maze or more precisely a GPS Adventures Exhibition?

A GPS Maze is a traveling exhibition in which the topics of GPS and geocaching are explained for all age groups with a wide variety of interactive elements.

The word maze means labyrinth, since the first exhibitions were structured like a labyrinth. has its own type of cache that also appears in the statistics. There it is not listed under the name "Maze", but under "GPS Adventures Exhibit". It is probably rarely represented there by any cacher, since the exhibitions - if at all - are usually organized together with Giga or Mega.

The labyrinth, the exhibition, is about finding out what geocaching is and how you can play it. The history of geocaching is shown, as well as the many facets of this game.

You can find a lot of things you always wanted to know about geocaching, e.g. hiding places, D and T ratings, all cache types, trackables or special caches. Everything to do with this hobby.

Where has there already been Maze?

The exhibition often takes place over several days, even after the associated Mega or Giga. It is also suitable for muggles who want to find out more about this hobby. On the way through this labyrinth, visitors pass learning and experience stations.

So far, this traveling exhibition has been shown in the USA, once in Prague (2014) and once in Germany at the Giga Mainz (2015). A total of over 40 times in total and 5 times in Europe.

Where is it going again?

In 2020 you can visit 2 Maze in Europe. On the one hand it can be visited at the Giga in Prague, on the other hand at a Giga in northern France on July 12, 2020.

The location in Prague is not surprising, since the first Maze outside of the United States took place there.

How It All Began or Minotaur Mazes

Minotaur Mazes is a company that creates mobile exhibits. Together with Trimble Navigation and Groundspeak they organized the GPS Adventures Exhibition. A labyrinth atmosphere is created with erection walls. Visitors wander through these set-up corridors.

Basically, the maze is divided into 4 areas: history of navigation, nature as a playing field, GPS today and the future of GPS.

Originally, the aim was to collect information in all four areas, which then helped to open a numerical code. This allowed access to the next area. The associated adventure card could be stamped in every area. Different colors of the adventure card led to different treasure towns.

The GPS Maze today

The labyrinth or the exhibition today is actually no longer a labyrinth, you can't get lost. Certain guidelines have been set for a GPS Adventures Exhibition, Groundspeak provides an icon for this.

When is a maze a maze?

In order to be a maze, a show must meet certain conditions. This includes that it has an educational character. It needs to be as interactive as possible, with a good balance between images, information boards and physical exhibits such as cans, tools, etc. But it still has to be somehow similar to a maze.

How is a maze made?

In principle, the exhibition can be borrowed. A European version is stored in Prague, which can be rented for a Mega or Giga. However, all images, notice boards and documents must have been approved by Groundspeak.

The organizers of a Mega or Giga might be interested in such an exhibition. Whether a lot of knowledge is imparted to the mega/giga visitors is not clear, but the special icon is sure to attract one or the other geocacher.

The next GPS Adventures Exhibition will be held in Prague again when the Giga Prague takes place there in early May 2020. If you would like to take part, have a look here:

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