Hanover: world capital of geocaches

Nowhere else on this planet can you earn so many souvenirs in just one city. We're talking about Lower Saxony's state capital: Hanover! Why is the density of geocaches so high here? What makes Hanover a stronghold when it comes to GPS treasure hunts?

Five GeoTours in one place

Score the right points and experience a great city trip at the same time: both are possible at the same time in Hanover. The reason for this is the total of five GeoTours, which you can use to explore Hanover and the region. If you successfully complete the GeoTours, you will get juicy souvenirs and exclusive geocoins.

First and foremost is Germany's first GeoTour with the magical name "Geosecrets of the Hanover Region GeoTour (GT31)“. An exciting mix of various geocaches is waiting for you to be discovered: traditional caches, mystery caches, multi-caches and also a letterbox hybrid. In terms of difficulty, there is something for both newcomers and full professionals. The currently 43 geocaches have already received over 8900 favorite points.

A fantastic favorites score of over 12100 has been achieved by the „Treasure Keeper GeoTour (GT33)“. With the help of the 36 Tradis and a multinational, you will get to know the places where social projects work in the region. Having fun on the GeoTour and doing good at the same time: That is also the motto of the next round trip through the Hanover region. With the GeoTour „Sustainable Geosecrets (GT4B7)“ you will get to know the 17 sustainability goals on site in a playful way. Of course, an 18th geocache should not be missing on this adventure, which, like all the others, is designed with passion and sophistication. In Hanover there are not only many treasures, but also really well designed geocaches with the highest fun factor.

The name of another GeoTour says it all: At the „No More Dirty GeoTour (GT4B2)“ you don't have to dig in the dirt. Rather, everything revolves around city cleaning and how local waste collection and recycling is managed in Hanover. A hot topic in times of climate change, which is vividly presented in this GeoTour. And at the end, a shiny exclusive geocoin sparkles once again.

Last but not least there is the „Leibniz Geosecrets GeoTour (GT4B5)“, which is not only attractive for science fans. The namesake is the world-famous polymath Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, who also made GPS and geocaching possible with his discovery of the binary code. Innovations then and now: In Hanover, curiosity about the unknown rocks and opens up new horizons. A total of 14 mystery caches plus two adventure labs show you the places where Herr Leibniz trained his thinking apparatus and used it for his findings.

Progressive and future-oriented thinking has a long tradition in Hanover. So it's no wonder that this city and region is an epicenter for innovation, especially when it comes to geocaching!

Geocaching hard facts about Hanover

Geocaching history has already been written in Hanover. In addition to the high density of geocaches, ideas are put into practice in this innovative city. Here is the first and only geocaching travel agency in the world "Cacher-Reisen". From here, travel adventures across the globe are planned and carried out. Equally unique is the first geocaching marketing agency, namely the Secret Point GmbH, which is probably well-known to many. The GeoTours already presented and other geocaches for companies and initiatives were created in her creative workshop. Germany's first mobile escape room is also the work of the SecretPoint team.

Hannover is the residence of the well-known geocaching author Markus Gründerel, who according to Wikipedia is Germany's first full-time geocacher. The first German trackable promotion started on Hanoverian terrain and the list can be continued, but that should be enough for a first overview at this point.

Hanover trip is worth it!

The geocaching melting pot Hanover is at the top of the global geocaching favorites list. And since this is where the concentrated innovative power unfolds, you can count on super exciting geocaching opportunities "Made in Hanover" in the future. In addition, the geocaching world consists not only of GeoTours, but of a wealth of other forms of GPS treasure hunts. On geocaching.com you will find the always ingeniously designed and professionally built geocaches of the Secret Point GmbH under "Geogeimnisträger". So then: See you soon in Hanover!

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