International Geocaching Day 2020

Even though things are going differently this year than planned: International Geocaching Day is taking place!

Since 2011, International Geocaching Day has been celebrated on the 3rd Saturday in August (this year August 15th). In Seattle, where Groundspeak is based, this day is even said to be recognized as an official holiday as “Seattle Geocaching Day”.

For this holiday, Groundspeak is again donating a souvenir this year, which we have shown you as a picture above.

If you need information about souvenirs first, have a look here:


To see this little picture for your own statistics, you have to log a cache or an event on August 15th. No more and no less. According to the blog on the Groundspeak site, it even applies to August 15th AND 16th. Visit or find ONE cache or event on either of those two days. A challenge that can be accomplished without much effort - at least here in Germany.

This year you will notice the reluctance to events when you look at the German calendar. There are some, but far less than the years before. But a cache can also be found coronaconform, so we wish you a lot of fun and good luck on the international geocaching day. Write what you plan and plan that day!

At least one coin has also been published on the German market for the international geocaching day 2020. A special memory for a special day.

In the coming year, the 3rd Saturday in August will fall on August 21, 2021. On this day we want to be at the HQ Celebration Party in Seattle with Cacher-Reisen-a very special event for a very special day.

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