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On February 29th this year we were represented with a booth at the beautiful Mega Beethoven in Bonn. Our booth was well attended, many geocachers informed themselves.

General questions that do not relate specifically to a trip are certainly of interest to several geocachers. We wanted to address these questions and hope that many will read our information. In the next few days you will be able to read something of general interest under the heading "Mega Questions".

Where does the journey start?
Our big trips, which last longer than a weekend, usually start in Frankfurt/Main. Frankfurt Airport in the Rhine-Main area is not only centrally located, but is also one of the largest airports in the world. Definitely the largest in Germany and from here it is always easy to get to other continents. On large, longer trips, we also think it is important for the group to start and end the trip together. In contrast to weekend trips, the meeting point here is at the airport, you hand in your luggage together and go through the security check together. We are aware that this joint start sometimes means a further journey for the participants. This often includes an overnight stay near the airport. For long-haul flights, we make sure, if at all possible, not to take off early in the morning so that you can still arrive on the day itself if possible. Depending on the flight plan and destination, this is not always possible. We also try the option of using the rail on long-haul flights&Install fly tickets. You can read more information about the ticket. This rail&However, fly ticket depends on the airline with which the flight takes place. While all German airlines use this arrival and departure option, this is not the case with foreign airlines.

We often start our weekend trips or shorter tours from several airports or train stations in Germany. We believe that if you only have 4 days to explore a city or country, don't spend too much time getting there and back. For short trips, we try to offer airports or train stations across Germany, sometimes in Switzerland or Austria. Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Munich are often next to Frankfurt/M. other departure points.
The aim is for the participants to have shorter journeys to and from the event and more time on site.

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