Paw Round - GC92WTK etc.

There are still vacation days to be squandered. Somehow we have some left over this year - quite unusual for us....

What can you do on an ordinary Thursday in an unusual Advent? Corona-compliant, the two of us from one household go into the forest... normally we would have asked the Cacher-Treff Facebook group if anyone would like to join us. But it's pretty quiet there right now. 
Nature is not contagious, exercise is good for us and the dog - so we set off for Baden-Württemberg in the morning. That round starts near Asbach.

Here we found a paw print of Dexter. No, not the psychopath from southern Hesse. A dog that has hidden a number of caches along its walk. Since you can see from the listing that it's a bigger dog, the round is bigger and some caches are also higher...

The mysteries can be solved quickly and easily using elementary school mathematics (or pocket calculators). 12 km await us in the outdoor section. Parking is on site and once you've found the bonus you're almost back to the car. A round that we love so much. Okay, the altitude could have been left out. But even these are limited, you almost always have good paths despite the wet. Yes, the pants got dirty, but that's the way it should be.

We logged 37 caches in the 4 1/2 hours we were on the move, we were on the move for 3 hours and 5 minutes. 

Many of the caches were fishable. Many means: not all. There are also cans on tree stumps and at knee height. A successful change, which also makes the circuit interesting for kids who enjoy hiking. With the fishing cages, the height of the suspension should be feasible for every fishing rod. We only dragged our light (= small) version through the forest, which was perfectly adequate.

Unfortunately we didn't meet Dexter with his master.  Paul and we would have liked to say hello. We didn't meet anyone else for that. nobody,  really 0.0. A little spooky.

Occasionally the owner mentions in the hint that the tree might be known. We were irritated the first time - are we wrong? Do we need to be somewhere we've been before? But in the course of the round we realize that there must have been a cache or a round here before. For us it was the first time. However, we discover further rounds on the map of Geomarcus and shoot,  to come here for the nearby multi-round.

Conclusion: Anyone who loves a slightly longer round of fishing has everything here that makes a cacher's heart beat faster. A blue heart in the bonus goes without saying. 

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