Get out of the home zone!

Sooner or later, many geocachers reach the point where the home zone is completely grazed. There are simply no new geocaches to discover in your own area. So where do you go when the thirst for adventure and cache fever just won't stop? How about an organized trip that takes you to places beyond your own home zone?!

Discover new cities and countries with geocaching adventures

Even Goethe knew that traveling is educational and undertook his famous trip to Italy. Anyone who ventures out of their familiar comfort zone and surroundings will inevitably get to know something new. Fortunately, thanks to the progress in vaccination, more and more travel destinations are accessible even during the corona pandemic.

What is special about being a geocacher: discovering new places? When you go on a treasure hunt to look for a jar, you go about it differently than ordinary tourists. You look at the area differently and notice details that are otherwise overlooked. There are also hiding places that are not so easy to reach and require extra equipment such as a rubber dinghy.

To conquer a still foreign city or even an entire country during a geocaching tour has an extraordinary charm. Even your own home country becomes an exciting travel destination. For example, on our "Germany Active" trip with accommodation in the commuter belt of Berlin in a 4-star hotel including excursions to geocaches that are not easy to reach. But in a group, tracking is definitely easier and a lot more fun.

Or a joint trip to Lost Places like Chernobyl. Yes, you've read that correctly. Together we discover the geocaching treasure map of Chernobyl over a long weekend. Of course you will get facts and historical background about the place and you will get extraordinary photo opportunities with the group.

Together to the must-have caches: worldwide!

The geocaching world has very exciting geocaches in all sorts of colors and shapes for adventurers. Our very experienced team knows where the must-have caches are hidden and how we can reach our goal together.

In the home of geocaching, the USA, there are an incredible number of these coveted caches. And not to forget: the very first geocache! In the meantime, however, other countries are also equipped with a high geocache density, so that travel destinations far from the United States of America are also worthwhile for ambitious geocachers.

The Seattle-based headquarters of Groundspeak, the founders and operators of , is certainly a place of pilgrimage for die-hard geocachers, the world's largest geocaching platform. A visit there is a highlight of any trip to the USA because there is a lot to admire in the visitor center. And an in-house one HQ Geocache should of course not be missing. This is currently deactivated due to the corona pandemic, but fortunately this will not be permanent.

Collect points and experience unforgettable moments

From our own experience we know that collecting points and souvenirs can be an incentive for ambitious geocachers. Decorating your own statistics with all sorts of geocaches is really fun – to a healthy extent. And in a travel group you are guaranteed to experience unforgettable moments.

If you are already an experienced geocacher, then you have certainly already had this experience: Some geocaches are simply best solved and tracked down in a team. One sees better, the other hears better and some simply have a better nose. Our adventure travel offers community experiences without undermining individual desires.

In about 21 years of geocaching a lot of geocaches have developed along exciting routes worldwide. Traveling and geocaching go well together. Before the start of the corona pandemic, we were able to prove this fact several times and were able to organize and carry out eventful cacher trips for active geocachers.
Ein Blick auf unseren Instagram channel of CacherReisen shows you where we have already been with our tour groups. You will also find useful geocaching knowledge in video format there. Be inspired by the photos and videos and dream of distant places.

Special trips for geocachers

Of course, everyone is free to organize their own trip to their individual dream caches. It is easier, however, to be able to hand over all the organizational stuff and just concentrate fully on your favorite hobby. The planning and implementation are then the job of our CacherReisen team. You just do what you do most: travel and geocache!

Tell us about your dream destinations and where on this planet you would like to go geocaching. You know: if you talk, you can be helped! Our experienced team is happy to offer you professionally designed geocaching trips.

We give you the hand that you book with us without risk! If the tour cannot take place due to the corona pandemic, you will receive 100% of your money back. It is also important to us that you, as a newcomer, can of course also take part in our trips. Geocaching is for everyone and together we dig up coveted and rare treasures. So then, ahoy and see you soon in the forest!

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