Discover regional treasures: GeoTour Südheide

Regional food stands for transparency and sustainability. No wonder that regionally produced food is very trendy and, thanks to short delivery routes, protects the climate. The GeoTour of the Südheide regional initiative gives you a playful insight into the origin of your food. A treasure hunt definitely with added value!

Regional treasures are very trendy

The short preamble has already indicated it. Regional food treasures are more popular than ever. Climate change is causing us more and more problems and global food production is one of the accelerators that we absolutely have to get a grip on globally. Supporting your local economy is one way to actively reduce climate change.

Why is that? The answer is very simple: the short transport routes protect the climate and reduce CO2 emissions. By buying regional products, you too can make a very simple contribution to sustainability in your area.

Geocachers in the Südheide have had the opportunity to go in search of regional treasures since mid-2021. The GeoTour Regional Treasures (GT4B6) currently offers 10 geocaches, all of which deal with regional food production. Maybe you are also in the area and would like to pick up a colorful bouquet of really exciting caches.

south heath is a municipality in the district of Celle and part of the Lüneburg Heath. Maybe you are currently planning a holiday there in the region? Then this GeoTour is exactly the right way to get to know this exciting region better. But not only our GeoTour is worth a trip to the Südheide. But more on that in just a few paragraphs. Now let's introduce you to the GeoTour.

Learning to appreciate sustainability

Let's take a quick look at this wonderful GeoTour together: The Tourist Information Wittingen is ideal for starting your discovery tour through the Südheide. Of course you will also find one of the geocaches here, namely „Regional Treasures: Tourist Info (GC9BJBE)“. If you want, you can sign up here during the opening hours Get detailed advice from the friendly information team and even book a hotel if you spontaneously want to stay longer.

All 10 geocaches are easy to assess: The terrain is very easy at 1 and the level of difficulty varies between 2 and 3.5. In addition to the regional treasures, which revolve around agriculture and local nature conservation, there are two local rarities that we would like to tease you here because they are really extraordinary:

On the one hand there is the OTTER CENTER, which has been offering a nature experience that is unique in Europe since 1988. Here you actually get to know real otters. The local marten and its habitat requirements are the focus of the OTTER CENTER, which will bring you closer to the secrets of nature. You can watch the animals live at one of the around 30 show feedings per day and take a lot of interesting facts home with you. Of course there is a very special otter hiding here who is guarding a treasure: „Regional Treasures: OTTER CENTER (GC9BJCY)“ and who awaits your discovery.

On the other hand, there are also the ostriches in the southern heath. Yes, you didn't misread it and neither did we. Ostriches live here in the Südheide. The Kröger family runs an agricultural business here in Schönewörde. The ostriches have already gotten used to the North German climate and are kept in a species-appropriate manner here alongside other animals. Customers receive rearing and husbandry as well as slaughter and direct marketing directly from a single source. And if you stop by and look for the cache, you can also experience the street up close. Here's the treasure: „Regional Treasures: Ostriches (GC9BJDC)“.

The complete GeoTour Regional Treasures (GT4B6) and the corresponding coordinates can be found here:

What else you can discover in the Südheide region

A longer stay in the Südheide is worthwhile, because there is a full package of great things to see here:

  • unique heath, moor and water landscapes
  • impressive sights
  • Historic Buildings
  • interesting museums
  • and above all friendly and humorous people.

Use our GeoTour and take a look at other places worth seeing in the Südheide. The proximity to a few big cities and our SecretPoint district in Hanover are also incentives for a longer tour here. As is well known, Lower Saxony's capital Hanover is the world capital when it comes to geocaching! You can find out more about Hanover in these two blog posts, for example: „On a treasure hunt during the business trip“ and „Leibniz Ge(o)secrets: With geocaching on an educational trip through Hanover

Back to the Südheide: This region really has a lot to offer, because a holiday in the Südheide Nature Park can be tailored to suit your preferences. Whether as a short trip or as a longer holiday destination: You are guaranteed to find what you are looking for, especially on a GPS treasure hunt outside in a unique natural landscape.

How to get to the GeoTour Südheide!

Many roads lead to the Südheide and so sustainable means of transport also lead here. On the website you'll find a few ways to get started. Now in July and August 2022 you might the 9-euro ticket of Deutsche Bahn offer an attractive travel option.

Car pools with other geocachers are occasionally formed so that climate change is fueled as little as possible during the treasure hunt. Or you can rent a bike on the spot and travel comfortably from cache to cache at your own pace. If none of the ideas suit you, just ask us: After all, we are the only geocaching travel agency and know exactly how you can get to your destination. Call us or write to us. We plan and host cacher trips globally („In 80 days around the world“) and local „Germany tour“) and look forward to your questions, ideas and requests!

So then, see you soon in the forest or in the Südheide!

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