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A task expands as time is available for its completion. The same goes for travel essentials. Give a hiker a 30 liter backpack and another hiker a 50 liter backpack for the same tour. You will notice: both backpacks are filled to the hilt. Both hikers will also have everything they need with them. And much that is unnecessary. The hiker with the 50 liter backpack will have more to carry.


Because that is the case, I would like to invite you to an experiment. This will make you much lighter and faster on the road.

What you really need - 5 indispensable things

Let's assume that your journey does not go straight to the unexplored Peruvian Andes but to a largely developed country. In such a case, there are only 5 things that you really need to take with you!
This includes:

  • Credit card
  • Pass
  • Handy
  • Charger
  • Toothbrush

It all fits into any belt bag! Just think about it: if you arrive at an
international airport, you can usually get everything else you need right there: hygiene items, clothing, food. You can pay almost everywhere with a credit card and you can communicate with Google Translator.
It's awesome! So if you ever oversleep, just take the above things and you will still be able to have a good vacation! You could even do without a toothbrush and charger, which is also available at every airport, often even from the machines.

Read more about the mobile phone as a GPS device here:

Pack effectively – this is how it works!

Sure, the above variant is extreme. I'm more concerned with the mindset, with the basic assumption that you can get almost anything almost anywhere and don't have to worry too much about packing your suitcase as perfectly as possible.
Personally, I only ever travel with hand luggage. For a two week trip I take

  • 4 Pants
  • 14 Underpants
  • 8 Pair of socks (I don't have sweaty feet 
  • 7 T-Shirts
  • a sweater
  • rain jacket
  • a pair of shoes
  • swimming trunks
  • 2 books
  • Handy
  • Charging cable
  • Power bank
  • Spare glasses
  • Pass
  • Credit card
  • Toothbrush
  • Flashlight
  • Aspirin
  • Charcoal tablets

All this fits perfectly in a 35 l backpack. This means that I easily stay under the permitted weight for hand luggage (although this is checked extremely rarely).

The advantages:

  • I never have to wait at the baggage carousel
  • I always have everything with me
  • I never have to lug around heavy suitcases or holdalls
  • I have never lost luggage
  • I am extremely flexible

When I get there, I stop at the nearest supermarket and add deodorant, shower gel, toothpaste and a bottle of water to my luggage.

Of course, every person is different and the purpose of the trip also determines the luggage to be taken with you. Of course, a business trip with a formal meal or another formal occasion also requires appropriate clothing. But this is about cacher trips!

So think about what is really indispensable for you (required medication, for example) and what you will leave out the next time you pack. Keep in mind that you can get anything anywhere when in doubt. Clothing, hygiene articles, food are available in every country in the world.

I promise you, this will make traveling more carefree!

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