Stonehenge in Nevada

Stonehenge in Nevada? Colorful stones in the desert? A monument erected based on the model from England? Stone really means stone?
A small report on a cache search south of Las Vegas at GC8FDD and GC6H1TZ


Stonehenge in the US?

Anyone who has read my travelogue to the Faroe Islands knows that I have had a disturbed relationship with Stonehenge, this mystical stone circle near London, England, since the attempted visit. My two previous attempts to visit the mystical stones near London, the Stonehenge, have failed so far. So it was clear that "little Stonehenge" had to be visited in the USA. The "Seven magic mountains", as Stonehenge is properly called in the USA, is a monument made of colorfully arranged stones, just a Stonehenge, in the middle of the desert.  And colorful also means colorful here. Seven brightly colored turrets have been erected here in recent years. A colorful Stonehenge. Since we had super sunshine during our visit to Stonehenge in Nevada in September, the colors in the pictures look so great. Nothing has been reworked ....
There is no visitor center like in England in the USA for the colorful Stonehenge complex, but the complex is also visible from afar.

Backgrounds of colorful stones in the desert

Stonehenge was set up in the USA by a non-profit organization a few years ago. The artwork of Stonehenge was created by Swiss-born artist Ugo Ronginone. Two panels at the entrance to the footpath to Stonehenge in Nevada explain the background to the brightly colored stones, Stonehenge, in the desert. The artist himself describes it as follows: “The 7 magic stones design community and solidarity between man and nature, artificial and natural, then and now”.

Geocaching at Stonehenge in Nevada

Of course there are also caches at this Stonehenge! Firstly, a tradition was named after the example in Great Britain, Stonehenge in the Desert, GC6H1TZ. The Stonehenge tradition is a few meters into the desert and the peppermint box is very easy to find. You can also find a small ghost on the map near the parking lot by the colored stones. And since we love these virtuals, we also trudged the other way in the desert area to the train tracks (GC8FDD from 2002 - Many years ago). It is said that something happened there many years ago that had to be found out. I hope the train route near Stonehenge is no longer used, although it looks different... Luckily no train passed by at the time we were there. A fairly large sign on site provides the answer to the Virtual near Stonehenge question. The virtual has nothing to do with Stonehenge, but from the railway line you also have a nice view of Stonehenge in the USA.

It may be worth mentioning that there is a large outlet center near the Stonehenge complex, that you can easily find a parking space and that you can take wonderful, funny photos at Stonehenge. In any case, the complex of the colorful Stonehenge in Nevada is worth a visit! And in the course of time I will certainly come to the Stonehenge in Great Britain.

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