Underwater geocaching

Just dive deep and look for hidden treasures: Underwater geocaching has its very own charm of encountering the unknown. In this blog post we will tell you how and where you can find underwater caches and what you should consider when diving.

The allure of the unknown

Who doesn't know him? Jules Verne's world famous novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! At least since the cult film of the same name, many of us have had mysterious images of the deep sea in our heads. You don't have to dive that deep for underwater geocaching. But there are such and such treasure chests there too. For some caches of this special kind you don't even have to jump into the water, for others you actually need diving equipment.

If we were already talking about cult films, then the "Pirates of the Caribbean" should also be mentioned. And in fact there is a geocache in the world's oceans that has not been found for 21 years. If you wish, you can hop on a boat with us from Cacher Reisen and dig up this mysterious treasure. From September 28 to October 7, 2022, one of the most extraordinary tours will hopefully take us to our destination. You shouldn't be too afraid of water. Subscribe to our Newsletter < /span>to get all info about "Conch Shell Horn (GC105E)" in time.<

The world looks very different underwater. Geocaching is as diverse as this crazy and mysterious planet, which is likely to remain the greatest playing field of all time. Geocaching Headquarters recently published a blog post about creative caches. The underwater article presents a total of four geocaches that might also be interesting for you:

All have in common the highest terrain rating T5. Sure, because after all, the liquid element makes other demands on the treasure hunters. Don't worry: with the right preparation you will find what you are looking for.

Find popular underwater geocaches

Speaking of finds: How can underwater caches actually be located on the map? Easy if you have a premium membership.

  1. Visit www.geocaching.com or open the Geocaching® mobile app
  2. Filter by attributes “requires boat” or “requires diving gear”.
  3. And if you then sort the result by favorite points, you get the most popular underwater geocaches.

If you don't have a premium membership yet, listen to our latest Podcast episode "Geocaching in 100 Seconds" on. Learn how to try the premium features for free.

Tips & Tricks: how you can dive too!

Not all underwater caches require you to have diver training. If you do need to master a deeper dive, please find a professional and do not dive on your own. Diving needs to be learned and after all nobody should get hurt while geocaching.

You've already noticed that geocaching holds an incredible wealth of adventures in store. Seen in this way, various sports are also involved from time to time. In the case of underwater geocaches, these are, for example, swimming, diving and canoeing. It is not uncommon for geocaches with a higher level of difficulty to use several talents at the same time. For this reason, we recommend that you plan your underwater adventure well in advance. In the listings you will usually find all the necessary information to successfully lift the cache. If not, write the owner:in a message and you will surely be provided with the necessary information.

Holiday planning for underwater geocaching

In an earlier blog post, we made it clear that geocachers simply plan their vacations differently and maybe you are one of them. Now travel is finally possible again and oursRange of offers on Cacher-Reisen.com is again taking on global proportions. Feel free to look around here on our website and if you haven't found your dream trip yet, talk to us and tell us about your idea! We'll see what's possible.

Here are some of our trips where you could also get in touch with water if you want:

"It's no secret that geocachers like to choose their holiday destination based on geocaching aspects. A boring beach vacation, where everyone involved doesn't want to get away from the spot, is rather unlikely. Enriching a trip with geocaching means: exercising in the fresh air and exploring the world." More on this in the blog post "Plan your vacation with geocaching".
If you don't want to travel so far away, small trips are certainly a welcome option. And the topic "water" does not only play a role in underwater geocaching. A city trip to Wiesbaden, for example, includes the "Fascination Water GeoTour (GT4BA)” ready. Sightseeing in Hesse's state capital, really off the beaten track, including a treasure hunt. Or in the north the Algen Adventure Lab in Bremerhaven, with where you can at least virtually dive into the sea creatures.
Well then, see you soon underwater!

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