Planning a vacation with geocaching

Since mid-October our Instagram channel full of enviable holiday pictures from the geocaching road trip through New Zealand. Dear malinkaly.onthehunt takes us virtually through a beautiful and adventurous landscape. Your instatakeover makes us dream of our next vacation. How about you? Fancy a journey that will take you to the coolest geocaches in distant lands?

Enrich your trip with geocaching

It's no secret that geocachers like to choose their holiday destination based on geocaching aspects. A boring beach vacation, where everyone involved doesn't want to get away from the spot, is rather unlikely. Enriching a trip with geocaching means: exercise in the fresh air and explore the world.

Hunting for geocaches involves having at least one exciting goal for each day. Depending on the level of difficulty, it may well be that only one target cache per day is sufficient. But there are also more. You decide what your cacher route should look like. And there may well be destinations that you would not find in any travel guide. Here is an example from our managing director Daniel Pflug, who went on a trip to Italy with his children a few years ago. In Carrara, where the famous Carrara marble comes from, he experienced this:

“On the first day we chose the cache “The Secret Beach”. To get there, we first had to go through a 1km long railway tunnel that had been shut down for many years. That alone was pretty exciting. We came out in an old olive grove (by the way, olives straight from the tree are very bitter) and after a short time we actually reached a very small and picturesque beach where we spent a great day!”

This is how it can be when travelling: The geocache shows you places that just invite you to chill. A holiday feeling away from crowded beaches and the fight for the best beach loungers with towel reservations. In contrast, geocaching tours combine a thirst for adventure with nature, as the current example on Instagram shows.

Geocaching Road Trip through New Zealand

In our Cacher Reisen Instastory "NZ Road Trip" you can see live and in color how geocacher malinkaly.onthehunt is currently exploring New Zealand via geocaching. On Day 8, the travel enthusiast shares how exciting and varied her geocaching tour through the country in the Southwest Pacific is:

„Rotorua is well-known for its thermal baths, playground for adventurers and beautiful nature. We had a lot of fun with an earth cache in the sulfur field (very interesting despite the smell) and the intercache in the Government Garden. We also had time for a short hike in the forest at Blue Lake.”

Of course, the most famous flightless bird in the world and New Zealand's heraldic animal should not be missing, namely the kiwi. This is how our adventurer writes in the Insta travel book:

„Today's Whitianga to Rotorua route took us back to the center of the island. Along the way we met pedaling kiwis, geometric bridges and abandoned precious metal mines. It's always fascinating to see which places have been forgotten and don't even appear on the tourist maps... Two days ago we simply drove past the Victoria Battery.“

In any case, we wish malinkaly.onthehunt lots of fun on their cacher journey through New Zealand. On our Instagram channel you can find everything about her round trip and our activities around the world.

Creating an itinerary: how to do it?

The goal: where should it go? That should be the first thing you should be aware of. After that you can start your search. A first check up is the closest to finding the "dosing status" at your vacation spot. The practical search mask on the portal gives you initial information. In order to be able to create a route there, however, you need the premium version.

Hot tip: Check out relevant community forums and get tips from other geocachers. In our blog post „Geocaching Online Communities and Scoial Media“ you will find relevant links and information.

Of course, it also depends on your companion. Are you traveling alone or in a group? All of these factors determine how fast or slow you can complete your geocaching itinerary. With children it is advisable to be as flexible as possible. Think in advance how you could possibly divide long distances into sections. You should always plan breaks. And depending on the terrain and level of difficulty, you need the appropriate equipment, which you also have to transport.

A first-aid bag should not be missing on any geocaching tour, so that you can heal small scratches yourself. Be sure to save the local emergency number on your smartphone so that you don't have to yell for help for a long time before someone is by your side if something serious should happen. And a power bank for your smartphone, maybe even a solar-powered power supply, is useful on longer outdoor trips anyway. With all the planning, one thing must not be neglected: the fun of geocaching! And if all the planning is getting on your nerves, you know how to contact the first geocaching travel agency! ;-)

Adventurous travel: global and local

There is really a lot that can be done on a geocaching holiday when it comes to an exciting travel plan. We also recommend the cool playlists by Joshua “The Geocaching Vlogger” in addition to our own social media channels from Cacher Reisen. There you can see ingeniously prepared videos of cache tours through various countries around the world. Here are just a few examples:

For a cacher trip, however, you don't have to fly or sail directly over a large pond. In our latitudes, too, exciting road trips await, such as the search for the "Geocache of the Week“ in urban Amsterdam shows. A canal cruise brings you closer to the treasure you are looking for under the bridge.

Of course, you will also find organized road trips with us, if you don't want to search completely independently and on your own. Just check us out here and book the trip that makes your geocaching heart beat faster. We are happy to receive questions, suggestions and dream destinations and look forward to hearing from you. Write to us via email or social media or just give us a call. See you soon in the forest!

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