Virtual in Gran Canaria

On Gran Canaria there was exactly one virtual as of December 8th, 2021. But at least a fancy one!

GC7B82C leads to the Maspalomas Dunes. The place alone is mentioned in every travel guide, so we would have driven here one way or another. Even better with Virtual, of course....

And this virtual is very fair - a photo on the dunes - with a geocaching tool or a face or... But there is an additional task and it appealed to us. It is - voluntarily - a panorama picture on which the geocacher can be seen 3x. A so-called panodash. Yes, I first asked my aunt Google. Of course I know panorama pictures, even with a new smartphone I am familiar with this photo function. But how does a person get 3x on a picture? A collage or photomontage is explicitly not meant. But the worldwide network explains it well: put it on the left in the picture. Another person starts the panorama shot from left to right. Another person starts the panorama shot from left to right. Slow. If he pans past me with the shot, I quickly walk behind (!) him into the middle of the picture. By the time the panning of the panorama photo has arrived there, I'm already standing there. And the same again. The pan is past me (it is best if the photographer announces this out loud), I run behind the photographer to the right edge of the picture and stand there relaxed at the end of the panorama photo.

Sound difficult? The photo was our first attempt and we believe that we have fulfilled the additional task of the virtual well.

Definitely had a lot of fun! And the dunes of Maspalomas are worth a visit, which you can crown with a delicious ice cream at the end - or as a geocacher with the log of the Virtaual Dunas de Maspalomas.

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