Webcam Cache – a very special geocaching type of cache

A webcam cache means that you can take pictures of yourself from an existing webcam and upload it with your log as found. The webcam cache is sometimes also counted as a variant of the virtual cache.

You will find a corresponding listing for the geocache with the following symbol:

Webcam Cache

Webcam Cache - how to find it

With geocaching, you can actually find the webcam cache like any other cache: You will see a listing with the symbol shown above and the listing of the geocache contains the coordinates to which you have to go for the photo. The search for the location is usually not difficult, but finding the webcam, which is often hidden behind windows, is more difficult. Of course, non-cachers can also start calls to webcams, these cameras are not specifically set up for geocaching. Cities and communities often have these webcams installed in order to include a live image or something similar on their website. They hope that this will generate more views for their websites. If you go to a city, it is definitely worth taking a look at the homepage. This way you can often find working links to the cams so that you can download the corresponding image.

As with Earthcache and Virtual, there is no box with a log book on site. The geocaching log entry is exclusively online.

Webcam Cache – log condition

Once you have found the webcam at the coordinates given in the listing and saved the corresponding images, there is nothing to stop you from entering the online log. In the case of a webcam cache, the log requirement is usually to upload the official photo of the webcam with the logs. In the past, you often had to have a helper at home who would go to the camera at the right time in front of the internet computer and save the corresponding image in the webcam cache. Today, almost every cacher can check this on site with a smartphone and also download the image for the cache. This allows the geocache to be marked as found.

Webcam Cache - the future

Groundspeak has decided not to allow new webcam caches at However, existing ones can still be logged. According to a cacher who really knows his way around here, Groundspeak currently lists 255 webcam caches. A whole series of “old” caches.Under you can display the webcams of the world.

You will find explanations for other geocache types or cache types such as Earthcache, Multi, Event, large events such as Mega and Giga or CITO with us.

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