How do I adopt a geocaching trackable?

Geocaching Trackable adopt - how it works!

Trackables, geocoins, travel bugs, ... there are a lot of different so-called geocaching trackables at
A trackable is a wandering diving object that travels from cache to cache.
Often these geocaching trackables are bought, activated and then sent on trips. They are placed in a cache and hopefully taken by other cachers to the next cache.
Some geocachers also put their trackables in their showcases at home. Many trackables and especially geocoins also look really nice. Some have sizable collections of hundreds of geocoins!
Sometimes you are lucky and get a trackable or geocoins as a gift. But how do you become the owner of the trackable, i.e. how can you assign it to your own geocaching profile?

Obtain and adopt trackable

If the trackable is brand new, you can simply activate it. But if he was previously owned by another geocacher, you can adopt him.
To do this, the previous owner must send you an adoption request. You can then easily accept this via the geocaching page and the trackable or geocoin will appear in your geocaching profile.
The video shows you exactly how it works!

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