How do I activate a trackable or geocoin?

How do I activate one Trackable or a geocoin?

Have you been given, won or bought trackables or geocoins? Normally this is not yet activated. How you can do this and add it to your geocaching profile and let it wander from cache to cache, we want to explain to you in this article and show you in the video.

Trackables Bezugsquellen

If you haven't geocached yet Trackable there are many ways to get them. Please don't just take one from a cache and keep it! If you want to send a Travel Bug or a Geocoin on your journey yourself, you can buy one, e.g. in numerous geocaching online shops such as “geocoinshop” or “mygeocoin”. In addition to the official Geocoins from Groundspeak, there are also other "travellers" e.g. GeoKretys, which cannot be logged and tracked via the Groundspeak site

As soon as you receive it and have unpacked it, you can usually see the tracking number. This is a unique combination of letters and numbers that ensures that your trackable can be assigned to exactly one website and can therefore be tracked.

Initially, however, your trackable is still inactive.

Steps to Trackable Activation

    • First you need an activation code. It is already on the packaging of many newly purchased trackables and geocoins. If not, go up and enter the tracking number (found on the geocoin or trackable). The activation code will then be displayed and sent to you.
    • Once you have the activation code, go to this page
    • Here you enter the tracking number in the "Activate Trackable Item" field. one which you will always find on the respective trackable.
    • Then enter the activation code in the "Enter Your Activation Code" field
    • in the next step you can edit the website belonging to your geocaching trackable. You can change or add the name, the mission and even pictures.
    • The location at which it is activated must also be defined. To do this, you must enter your home country and state.
    • That's it! From now on, your trackable or geocoin (with its own icon) will appear in your profile and you can send it on trips by placing it in a cache or showing it around at events.
    • By the way, the icon of your coin also appears in the profiles of other geocachers who log your trackable!
    • Have fun with all the logs!

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