How can I log “Premium only Caches” as a basic member?

On you can use many things for free. The basic membership is free.
However, some features are only included in the paid Geocaching Premium Membership , e.g. creating pocket queries or Lists.
There are also geocaches that are only displayed to premium members.
Now it is sometimes the case that several players are active in a family, e.g. a father and several children are geocachers. Of course, not everyone in the family needs a premium account. If I go out with my kids and make a premium cache, they might want to log it too. And there is an easy way to do this, which is briefly presented here in the video.

It works with a simple trick

The URL that you need to complete for this can be found here:

You can find the URL that you have to complete for this here: Instead of xxxxx, simply replace the GC code from the listing. Have fun!

P.S.: a premium membership is still worth it!
You can complete it here:


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