Geocaching in Aying Land II

Day 2 in Aying Land


The next day began for us with the FdS round. FdS stands for "For the Statistics" and gives the geocacher not only cache finds, but also a favorite point for every 10 finds, provided you are a premium member. Even if you don't necessarily need these favos for this round - you definitely need them for the Aying-Land - it's good if you have 3 more favos available at the end. However, you also take part in bycatch in the round - and you get rid of the favos again...

The FdS round is nothing special. That's not how she's meant to be. Really for the stats. You can ride a bike or use the car.

We decided to do the lap in ascending order and start at number 1 accordingly. We take the "bycatch" as it comes and thus have some highlights on the lap. So, no boring car ride, but get out every now and then, walk a few meters and also install special caches. Can you recommend!

Our first exceptional stop is at  TB Landhotel Hofolding, GC6G9QR.

What should I write here? A TB hotel at its finest. One would like to be TB oneself.
And not without opening it. Not only does it look beautiful, it's also fun!

And then the FDS round starts for us. After only 2 caches of the round, we come to an out-of-order cache: Fifty-Fifty, GC6MPD2. As expected, you have two chances or two choices here. Of course we didn't find the logbook until the second... With all caches of the FdS round and also with this one, great care was taken to ensure that the car can stand safely. Only once over a zebra crossing and there was nothing standing in the way of the search.


And then he comes! My personal favorite of the Team-Aying caches! The running schnitzel. More precisely: the scavenger hunt, GC6XC0Z. Yes, it doesn't mean something like snippets that you used to play in the forest or not quite normal geocaching. What is really meant here is a running schnitzel, a little pig that becomes a schnitzel... Well, nothing for vegetarians! And not the best thing about the cache, but very practical and tasty: right in the immediate vicinity of the cache you can also test the piglet, no, of course the schnitzel, at the end of your tour. And bring the Tupperware!

A little more about my favorite cache here: you stop at a restaurant parking lot. Already very fitting. You have space here! At station 1: a missing person report! Since the last meeting of the butchers' guild, Willy Wutz, an Ayinger country pig, has been sought. Always fascinating, the irony and wit with which the texts and details of Team Aying's caches are peppered! A code gives access to a video. And I could have had enough of that. Short version: little pig – knife – schnitzel. Breaded and Viennese style (the little pig would not fit for Wiener Schnitzel - so only Viennese style...) Sounds mean? No, it's sooooo cute! Through the video, the inclined geocacher learns the path he has to take. Then comes a funny station and off you go to the final. Everything in a small space, no long hike. You always stay close to the restaurant....

And at the final a nice hiding place with little tricks and a nice matching stamp for our stamp book. Yes, what more could you ask for? This pleases the cacher and you can see the accuracy and joy with which Team Aying prepares its caches. No small children's Tschibo stamp, there is always a joy for every stamp book. The owners' affinity for the 3D printer also becomes clear when you first look at one or the other station and don't discover anything that doesn't belong here. The cache had 89% favorite points during our visit. Always incomprehensible to me where the remaining 11% are…. But just see for yourself.

We treat ourselves to the accompanying schnitzel (actually there are 2-3 on a plate....) in the evening after we have finished our cache round.


After a few caches of the For-Stats-Round, variety comes again in the form of cache Patience or Skill, GC6YVN9. Also, like the scavenger hunt, a letterbox.

However, we do use the ladder that comes with the car anyway. According to the listing, you don't need it, but it doesn't hurt either! It's easy to locate, but it's a bit of a challenge for our non-climbing team to salvage the can. And then came the real challenge. In short: it took longer! But it is a nice challenge and a welcome change for us. Anyone who somehow managed to spare it also gave a favorite point here, which the cache really deserves.


And we continued on our FdS round. Actually, the FdS round comes up far too short here. There are many caches that would be worth a special mention simply because of their scenically very beautiful location or because of their unusual cache dwelling (3D printer).


Our next "other cache" was the  Matjoschka, GC79P1A. Here you get what you expect – just different…. Solidly built cache that will definitely put a smile on your face.


And it continues straight away with a highlight of the day: the Dosomat, GC79P1N, is the next cache on our list. I had expected something different here, but that was typical for Team Aying. Solidly made, high fun factor paired with a funny saying - definitely a cache with a blue heart with us now. Big and small can have fun here! Of course, we also visit the bonus for this cache - definitely a very good idea to keep the cachers in order. Of course we would have cleaned up anyway. With bonus cache but again like that gladly.

After a few caches from the FdS round, it was time to return to the schnitzel! And I can't help but make you a little jealous here. It was a huge plate! And more importantly, it was even tastier than it looks.

We strengthened ourselves with a "mug" before we finished the round and went to the Via Julia, GC79P2X, as dusk fell.

For my practiced accompaniment it was more or less a grip. But I think you can despair here too... In any case, I have to repeat myself: nicely done!


When darkness falls, we end our FdS round. It was a great day, which was long but very entertaining.


I have not yet reported on the cache "Good to Birds", GC79P1W. And anyone who has now been paying attention in German class knows that the capitalized word Vogeln does not mean anything morally reprehensible (because then it would have to be written in lowercase as a verb!), but that it is about our feathered friends. With currently 95% favorites it is a multi of Team Aying, which we were really looking forward to. As expected: lovingly made with a little dash of humor and lots of lovely details. The tasks at the stations are not difficult and we reach the final in good spirits. End? Finished? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! This is where the fun started. Of course we can't spoil too much here, you should be as amazed as we are until you finally hold the logbook in your hands....

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