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Travel report of our Caribbean cruise 2020

March 12, 2020

The fact that we start a travelogue 2 days before a trip is rather unusual. Actually not a good occasion either, because we are all nervous whether, thanks to CorV19, our cruise can take place as planned. Well, not as planned, because Grenada has already closed the borders for German nationals. But from the beginning!

Since our 2019 Caribbean cruise was such a great success, we wanted to repeat the tour this year. It's supposed to start next Saturday, March 14th. Now Corona came...... I.e. we have been feverish and worried for days whether we will experience the tour like last year. 13 islands, 14 country points and 14 days in the warm Caribbean. The group of 32 participants has been planning every single shore excursion for many weeks. There are excursions from the ship, excursions from cacher trips and of course you can also discover islands/countries on your own. The sea invites you to snorkel and dive, the island with its sights, the wildlife and of course the geocaches! Enough to do for everyone
This morning the US closed the borders, which doesn't really affect us. Since the day before yesterday it has been clear that Grenada will not let in any German nationals either. Otherwise everything is still standing and the shipping company emphasizes that the cruise will take place "as usual".

We are excited and would like to take you with us on our journey with this article!

March 13, 2020 (Friday the 13th!)

That was probably the shortest travel report ever..... Tonight our tour was canceled by the MSC. Unfortunately complete. The island of Martinique has closed its gates to planes from France. We don't yet know exactly whether the MSC will even dock in Martinique tomorrow, but we definitely wouldn't be able to get there. So the end of the trip this morning was the cancellation of all participants.

But no, there are always ways! And there is also a right to travel. This means that you will not get any money back because of the "special circumstances", but you can rebook on a trip to the same area this year and next year. So, you have a voucher. So today we just extended our anticipation by 365 days and it's off to the Caribbean on March 13, 2021.

End of this travel report, the next one will follow for sure!   

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