tear-off calendar

They have been around for a long time: tear-off calendars in the form of daily or monthly tear-off calendars.

Wikipedia says:

At the daily tear-off calendar are sheets in the form of a pad of paper, one for each day of the year, arranged one behind the other and glued or stapled at one end so that they can be torn off. The current date, calendar day, weekday and month are shown on the front sheet. In addition, there is often information about the day of the week, name days, designation of a possible commemoration day, phases of the moon or calendar week. Sundays and public holidays are printed in red, Saturdays often in pale red or orange, and the remaining days in black. The backs of the individual sheets are also often printed. Here you can find e.g. times of tides, household tips, recipes, anecdotes, quotes, jokes, riddles, pictures or the like.

Saying a separate page for each day, nowadays the calendar usually has a topic that is reported on every day.


A daily tear-off calendar can look almost like an advent calendar. Assuming that the topic of the calendar interests the user, he will receive small portions of information on one of his favorite topics every day.

I love it - I can't put it any other way. I have a Black Story tear-off daily calendar hanging on my wall for the coming year. It's a Christmas present from my kids, who know I like the morbid mystery stories.

On the desk there is – how could it be otherwise – a travel calendar. A particularly beautiful photo of a particularly beautiful spot for every day of the year and something about this place on the back. 365 pieces of information I'm really looking forward to.

If I think back to my childhood, a daily tear-off calendar comes into play. We had a calendar like this in our kitchen – in an extremely unfavorable place to touch it every day – but only with important information such as the date, phase of the moon, etc. A boring little pad that was clamped to a piece of cardboard and renewed every year. At breakfast time in the morning, the mother bent over the table and brought everyone up to today's date. Yes, there can also be reminders of boring calendar blocks.


There are now many photo providers who help to create an annual calendar. Pictures/photos are pasted or uploaded here every month. A daily calendar needs a lot of photos. To be precise, 365, next year even 366 pictures. I can imagine that when I travel, many photos are slumbering on the computer. However, if I imagine creating a geocaching daily tear-off calendar, then a lot of (new) information is needed to make it exciting.

Do you also have a tear-off calendar for 2020? Maybe even get it as a gift?

I'm sure I'll tell you about one or the other calendar page in the course of the year...

And no matter what your calendar for 2020 looks like: We wish you a wonderful start into 2020 and that it will be a good year for you!

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