History - 12 years Geheimpunkt!

It all started in 2010 with Hannopoly. On December 23rd, 2009, the cacher community in Hanover received a Christmas present in the form of 32 caches. This was gratefully accepted and similar to the world-famous board game, the hunt began to be able to call all ownership cards its own.

A short time later, the cacheup shop was added. Christian Pecar and Daniel Pfluger opened a shop for geocachers. They quickly realized that just sending items isn't life-enhancing.

The offer of the Hanover Treasure Hunt came at just the right time. The company's offer was expanded to include events. There were - and are - company events, bachelor parties or birthday parties on offer. This offer was very well received - the company SecretPoint was born.

With AHA, the Hanover waste disposal company, came the request to build caches to advertise the company. At that time - as now - AHA was already a topic. AHA for waste disposal Hanover - today also for distance, hygiene and everyday masks.... For the waste management company, the task was to create a high-quality, official GeoTour that would attract geocachers to the region, develop the region's tourism potential and ensure positive PR.

Since Daniel also loves to travel, he was looking for like-minded geocachers in 2015. The company CacherReisen was founded. Since then we have been offering special trips for geocachers. There are exciting destinations, great geocaches in exotic countries and much more to discover. We plan special trips for you, e.g. to one of the last APE caches, to lost places in Chernobyl, to the headquarters in Seattle or to unusual country points. We keep an eye on the needs of cachers: adventure, impressions, country points, souvenirs...

Only a short time later, Daniel took the opportunity to convert a truck into an escape room. The Truck Escape was another mainstay of the company SecretPoint. Also today you can take a look at the open Truck Escape. Maybe you have to go in anyway... This truck is booked by companies and clubs as a mobile escape room. A mix of Prison Break and Escape from Alcatraz.

And then the customer base came into play. Geocaches (=treasures) are created in this area, which lead to a shop, a shop window or company premises. Everything on behalf of and in consultation with the respective company. Customer treasures are particularly beautifully built geocaches, which can of course be played free of charge for the cacher.