Aliens in Worms - Lab cache series

Today the Brummelbären set out to cache in their hometown of Worms. Since there isn't really much new about geocaches here, we took a look at the second Lab cache series in Worms.

This is where the aliens roamed!
As we are often said to only know Hagen and the Nibelungen, a visit from space is a very welcome change.

It started at Worms main station, uh, no, of course at the space port. The task here is to number the tracks. Nothing for sofa cachers, but the question can be answered well on site. But it's special, isn't it?

This also applies to the next station of the little alien, who was interested in other partner planets of Worms. After all, the little alien is hungry.

For true Wormsers, the question that followed was certainly easy. It's all about the popular Backfischfest. On site, however, I had to admit to "newcomers" that I knew the name and even the relevant powerful person that the little alien was so urgently looking for here.

And off we went towards a well-known bridge. A few years ago we even got to know this person at the inauguration at an evening event. The answer was then easy to find out on site. The art of counting goes that far... And then we got the north coordinates. It's only half use...

And the last question was awesome! What is the little alien's favorite food? Well, you certainly can't find that out from the sofa! And not really guessing either. The two of us burst out laughing on site. Guaranteed! Everyone here knows the place. Driven by - countless times. But I've never read about this dish, let alone tasted it. You would have to do it.... The main thing was that the little green man was fed up  could then start his journey to the bonus, oh no, home, strengthened.

We, on the other hand, signed the log book with the song Major Tom on our lips. Then he takes off and completely detached....

So if you want to experience Worms differently than Hagen and Siegfried and want to see it through the eyes of a small, green alien, play this funny Labcache! 5*

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