Baltimore - from the airport to the city - one easy way

Baltimore – from the airport to the city: When you land in Baltimore, Maryland, you are not yet in the city. It's actually always the case that an airport isn't in the middle of the city. You need a shuttle from the airport to the city.

Baltimore is served by many different airlines. You can also get here directly from Germany via Canada. To enter the USA via Canada on the flight route, see here:

Baltimore – from the airport to the city

Along with taxi, Uber, and hotel transfers, here's a fairly easy, inexpensive way to get to the heart of Baltimore city. For us, "right in the middle of the city of Baltimore" meant on the Inner Harbor and close to many hotels.

There's MTA's Light Rail here. A train that departs directly from Baltimore, Maryland Airport and provides a convenient shuttle service. It doesn't matter which terminal you arrive at, the departure station at the airport is near the baggage carousel. You can find it written internationally everywhere.

Once you've picked up your suitcase from the baggage carousel at Baltimore Airport, you'll see signs for the Light Rail everywhere. You have to go to gate 19 and all doors are numbered in ascending order. Shortly before the door you can see two ticket machines, which are clearly marked as such.

The language can be changed to German, you can get a single ticket, a return ticket or a weekly ticket at the airport. We first decide on a single ticket, which costs us USD 1.80 per person. Quite affordable for an 11 station train ride from the airport to the city. You know that internationally, e.g. from London or Stockholm, in a completely different way.

If you leave door 19 at Baltimore Airport, you are also in the middle of the platform. The display shows in writing how many minutes the next train from Baltimore will arrive. You can't catch the wrong direction, then you would have to drive into the airport...

The trains seem to run every 35 - 40 minutes, not only is the next entrance posted, but also the one after that. A silver train monster pulls in just in time for the announcement and stops squeaking in front of us. Previously the railroad track at the airport was fairly empty, but now it's filling up with travelers squeezing off the train bound for Baltimore Airport. A short time later we are alone again on the platform and board the train. There is enough space for the suitcases and for us and a short time later we set off in the opposite direction to the airport in the direction of Baltimore City.

The 11 stations from the airport in the direction of Baltimore City fly by in the shuttle and after almost half an hour we leave the train at the Inner Harbor station one block above Baltimore's Inner Harbor and have another 5 minutes' walk to our central station located hotel. A very convenient, inexpensive way to get from the airport terminal to downtown Baltimore rather than a taxi. And of course also back, should the holiday come to an end and you have to get to your airline.

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