Famous walls of this world as a travel destination

Famous walls as destinations for cacher trips


No, we at Cacher-Reisen don't want to build or plaster walls and we didn't go to Hornbach either! Our article has nothing to do with brick, stone or window construction. It's more about the garden: anyone who has recently listened to the radio knows what I'm talking about: in February of this year, the Berlin Wall was gone for just as long as it was there. I heard a short radio report about our capital that somehow touched me. So I was looking for more information about walls in beautiful corners of the world that we might include Cacher tripn can visit.

And I quickly find what I'm looking for: Skyscanner has already taken on the topic of walls in the world and done the work for me, namely the 10 most famous walls.

Let's see what we have already found, which could certainly be interesting for our geocaching hobby and further trips:

1st place: Cacher trips and the Berlin Wall

Famous Walls: Berlin

In 1st place: The Berlin Wall - certainly one of the most famous walls in our area. We assume that every cacher can find their way to Berlin on their own, find instructions and articles for a visit to these corners of Berlin on the Internet.

2nd place: Cacher trips and the Great Wall of China

The Berlin Wall is directly followed by the well-known Great Wall of China: We already have our eyes on what is probably the most famous wall in the world for our trips.... After the wonderful trip to South-East Asia at the beginning of this year, we are planning for the duration of 14 The Asia II tour will be held next February.

Famous Walls: Great Wall of China

3rd and 4th places: Cacher Journeys and Hadrian's Wall and the Belfast Peace Line

Famous Walls: Hadrian's Wall

The walls number 3 and 4 are almost good and can be reached quickly for cachers. Hadrian's Wall in England and the Belfast Peace Line in Northern Ireland. According to Wikipedia, peace lines or peace walls are barriers separating pro-Irish Republican and pro-British Unionist residential areas in Northern Ireland cities, particularly the capital, Belfast. Hadrian's Wall, a Roman border fortification, is located near the modern-day Scotland/England border.

We would have to buy Hornbach empty for the length of these walls... And the builders didn't use a spirit level at the time either. But it's really worth finding out about these walls. Some caches are also nearby….

5th place: Cacher trips and the Western Wall in Jerusalem

Famous Walls: Western Wall in Jerusalem

The Western Wall in Jerusalem is number 5 on the list. We are still missing this country point and Jerusalem is certainly worth a trip for various reasons. Will be added to the list of ideas! In January 2019 it should go to Jordan/Israel, but further south. Jerusalem we have to plan for a longer trip to Israel.....

6th place: Cacher trips and the Theodosian Wall

Next is the Theodosian Wall in Istanbul. Even if Turkey is not that popular right now, this city, which lies on two continents, is certainly interesting because of its location alone. The cache density and species diversity would certainly fill several days, even without walls. So you can keep in mind to travel there "at some point". On our upcoming tour to Georgia/Azerbaijan/Armenia we will also stop in Istanbul. But then there won’t be really time for caching….

7th place: Cacher trips and the Moroccan Wall

The Moroccan Wall, ranked 7th in the 10 most famous walls according to Skyscanner, is getting very interesting again. It is in Western Sahara. These stones are quite interesting for geocachers. If you would like to have the ABC of countries (i.e. all countries from A - Z, as they are listed on Groundspeak), you will only find two options at W, one of which is Western Sahara. Could you combine it with a visit to this famous wall...

8th place: Cacher Journeys and the Aurelian Walls

Famous Walls: Rome

At number 8, the Aurelian Wall in Rome, I assume again that some cachers have already traveled here. In any case, Rome is worth a trip, the Vatican point also covers this letter (alongside Vietnam). Vatican and San Marino are on the program as dwarf states.

And now the – for us cachers – very interesting walls on the 9th and 10th place in the ranking list:

9th place: Cacher trips and the Dubrovnik city walls

Famous Walls: Dubrovnik

9th place is included in cacher travels travel list! In the beautiful city of Dubrovnik we stopped for two days on our tour of the Balkans. There is also a video of the tour. And Dubrovnik is certainly also the destination of many individual geocacher tours, as it is easily accessible and has – rightly so – a good reputation.


10th place: Cacher trips and the famous gum wall in Seattle

Famous Walls: Seattle Gum Wall

And the wall in 10th place makes me smile: it's a wall, or rather a wall, on which I've already twice looked in vain for a cache, although I have the diybook or an exact description. But I don't want to look any further here! However, the chewing gum wall in Seattle is nice to look at. Well, interesting! In any case, I'm looking forward to being here again this October with a tour group and maybe looking for the cache on this wall again. There are already instructions for this... and maybe we'll build the "wall" a little further. This wall is of course a must for the community of geocachers and shows that geocaching can be combined with sightseeing.

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There are certainly many more interesting walls, bricks and stones that are worth visiting. We have also seen incredibly interesting walls on our travels, even if they are not famous.

If you feel like traveling now, you've come to the right place! And since we know that you all have to plan your vacation quite early, we are already planning for 2019. We have already told you about Asia II, Jerusalem and Seattle here. But that is only part of our planned goals. You can also find a first overview on our website under Travel!

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