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Eating in Kyiv is a special topic. We don't want to withhold an insider tip of Ukrainian cuisine from you: The OB in the middle of the Maidan in Kyiv is not easy to find, but once you're inside, it's really an experience. Well, actually the access is quite an experience…..

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Eating in Kyiv – access to the restaurant

on the Maidan at the fountains, which gush in all colors and to music in the evening, you can see a large glass dome. The way to the elevator is at ground level over the curve. While the fountains are constantly cleaning the windows from the outside, we get into the elevator and don't go in 2, not in 4 but in OB, of course in Cyrillic font. After getting off on the 3rd floor (we went down) we are in a curved room (due to the dome) with a counter. There are large QR codes everywhere and you need a password to enter the restaurant. No problem for geocachers, we read the QR code. However, this only works with the Internet, which not everyone has available on their smartphone. After all, we are not in the European area. But some are well prepared and so we have the password on our cell phone. Before we can stammer it out to the bartender, we prefer to show him the phone. We are granted entry.

As I'm traveling with a group that had dinner here yesterday, we quickly find our way around the restaurant.

The restaurant OB

The restaurant has been rated very well by Trip Advisor, several times. It offers some experience gastronomy and has a very nice ambience. Actually, you just have to see it. A special feature is the bar, for example. You are asked to take a seat. And if you let go of your inhibitions and do it, then you can experience something. After a few minutes, the door at the end of the bar opens and the pedestal with the chairs and the guests sitting on them moves into the next guest room. There you have to get off and you will be brought to the table. A nice gimmick.

Eating in Kyiv – the menu

The menu, which can also be viewed on the above website, contains a lot of local cuisine. Of course, we can only write about the dishes that we have tested in our group.

Let's start with the summer salad with strawberries. A small but super tasty appetizer. The vinaigrette tastes very fruity and goes well with the fruit. In addition to some lettuce leaves, there are strawberries and raspberries. All in all a very fruity, light palate.

While the "Vegetable with nut cream" contains a very tasty nut paste, the "Eggplant and nut cream" has less nut flavor and actually tastes very tomato-like.

The red borsch, a soup with beetroot, has been simmering for a really long time and tastes like it came from mothers. It should be exactly like this…..

Wir probieren auch das Chicken Kiev, eine bekannte Speise. Es handelt sich um ein Röllchen aus Hähnchenfleisch mit einem Knochen als Halterung und einer frischen Panade. Das Fleisch zerfällt auf der Zunge und das Gericht mit Kartoffeln und einer Art Pesto mit frischen Kräutern erhält von uns die Note 1+.

In addition to the menu, a summer menu is offered, which offers particularly fresh, fruity dishes. From this summer menu we also chose the salad with strawberries.

Some of the group choose burgers of different flavors. When these are handed out, we all think they're a bit on the small side. But since these are covered with 2 thicker meat paddies, everyone gets full. And love the taste.

For dessert, one participant treats herself to the cherry bags. These are served on an oblong wooden board and are a large portion in relation to the main courses. A little astonishment sets in when you realize that the little pockets with sweet cherry filling are arranged on a bed of horseradish sauce. A strange combination, but we wanted to get to know the local cuisine.

The card is also equipped with English and the prices are also shown in euros. However, the conversion rate is probably a bit older and makes it appear cheaper than it actually is. But that's not a big deal given the prices.


All in all, we liked it very much, had an experience factor, could enjoy the typical local cuisine and were full at a reasonable price. We were very satisfied!

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