Fliess emol - Tradition with learning effect (GC1CJXX)

Today I would like to tell you about a small, very insignificant tradition.

Anyone who knows me knows that tradis are not my preferred type of cache. The can and the short listing - yes, there are nice ones here too. And this one touched me. Why - because the tradition points to an unusual natural spectacle that I had never heard of. Nothing earth-shattering - but it shows the small peculiarities in our environment. And here it took this cache to draw my attention to it!

It is the cache "Fliess emol", GC1CJXX from Kalmitspur. And there it is again, what touches me. As an immigrant from the Palatinate region, I only know the Kalmit from a song by Anonyme Giddarischde, but that's another story (but worth googling...).

The aforementioned tradition starts its listing text with the sentence: The Hainbach flows under (!) the Speyerbach at an idyllic spot. 

A river flows under another?

Okay, admittedly, without the nearby FCK group I would never have gotten to this point. But it would have been a shame!

The listing continues with a sketched map that doesn't catch my attention at first. It's a sketch of the streams. First I look for the cache with my companion. It's easy to find even without the help of the spoiler image. Well done, good build. Since the cache listing contains a spoiler image, we also dare to post a photo of the cache hiding place. Then I try to get to the bottom of the phenomenon of "one river flows under the other".

There is not much to see, but due to the depth of the ditches one can guess that one river really does not flow into the other, but comes out on the other side of the river and finds its way further.

As I said: I had never seen it, I found it fascinating and I would never have seen it without a cache!

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