Geocaching – treasure hunt in Oldenburg

Geocaching with learning content for old and young on a treasure hunt in Oldenburg 

Since March/April 2017 there have been special treasures to look for in Oldenburg: the climate treasures! So on a treasure hunt in Oldenburg!


On the one hand, visiting these 8 Tradis with a mystery bonus appealed to me, of course, because they were laid out by my colleagues at Secret Point under the cacher name Secret Carrier. On the other hand, the purchase of up to 3 different, limited coins was tempting at the end. I can never resist such coins to commemorate a special day and special places, so that was certainly one of the reasons why the family was allowed to spend a day from their North Sea vacation in Oldenburg. With this report we wanted to take you a little with us on the treasure hunt in Oldenburg.


Climate treasures - treasure hunt in Oldenburg

It was clear to me why treasures, when we call the modern type of treasure hunt our hobby. But what about the climate aspect? When reading the listing (yes, you should do that here, it's not too long either....) you quickly realize that the caches have to be placed in special places. All places where the city of Oldenburg in Lower Saxony feels committed to climate protection. And here there were really exciting things to learn when we went on the search as treasure hunters!


First of all: this article may contain spoiler information. Otherwise I couldn't write anything about the caches. But I won't reveal everything here! Have a look for yourself, it's worth it!


We deliberately took our teenagers with us, after all geocaching is supposed to educate. And that is definitely the case with these caches! We also (times) read the listings in advance to know what we are gettingpack have to. Lighter, water, hot water, container…. Everything was easy to find in the apartment. So the team Brummelbären, GeoZwerg30 and Äffchen07 set off from Horumersiel to Oldenburg to the climate treasures.


City forest climate treasure

We start our treasure hunt in Oldenburg – coming from the north – at the “Stadtwald” cache (Link…). On the one hand I didn't think it was the most unusual cache and I didn't want to start with the highlight - on the other hand it was simply good for a start in terms of driving technique. Otherwise it doesn't matter in which order you visit the 8 Tradis if you want to complete them in one day. But here, too, you can follow the idea of climate protection and contribute to it - by keeping the distances as short as possible and carpooling. Approaching the caches one after the other by public transport or making a bike tour out of it seemed too time-consuming and extensive to me.

Treasure hunt in Oldenburg Stadtwald1

So we arrived in a good mood at the Stadtwald parking lot and at first didn't know what kind of forest awaited us here. A funny wooden figure at the edge of the parking lot invited us to take a few “nonsense selfies” before we went into the forest. It's not really dark and overgrown here (yet), a look at the listing shows us why: the forest was only reforested in 1995. And the first information signs await us. One tree for birth, one for marriage and here is a long list of names. All donors of trees…. You can see the meaning or the background of this forest fairly quickly and well. And just as quickly you can see the cache from a distance. A box that is clearly visible in the forest. Since we do not need any tools for this cache and of course have studied the listing in detail, nothing stands in the way of opening it. But that doesn’t get you to the logbook, that would be too easy…. We have to puzzle... You can do a nice irregular tree puzzle on the top plate or on the magnetic door - and get a three-digit number to open the inner safe and write in the logbook. The first of our climate treasure caches in nature was fun. With a lot of new knowledge, we got back to the car and off we went to Climate Treasure No. 2

Treasure hunt in Oldenburg Stadtwald2

Climate treasure at the city port

So that the water in our thermos doesn't get too cold for the cache, we headed for this cache next. After all, it was mentioned in the listing that the water had to be really, really hot. And we had already walked a few meters since we started at the holiday apartment. Again, the cache was easy to find and what to do was immediately clear. At first I was afraid that our water wouldn't be enough, but with the right amount, the number showed up very clearly. It's crazy what technology there is! We were soon able to sign the logbook and discuss with the children what it's like to live on such a subsoil. Were exciting discussions in the family!


Climate Treasure Alte FleiWa   

Next we went to the old meat factory. We could really imagine this place as a lost place... At the moment it's not that anymore, there's quite a lot going on here. The cache was almost parked up, but we just got there. Well, actually we only got to the next riddle. Oh, that's really nicely done! For us the most beautiful cache from the series... We made our way to the solutions - even pubescent teenagers with sore feet managed this distance.... We quickly read off all the numbers and went back to the logbook. Despite the calculation with a calculator, the logbook could not be freed! So back to the solutions and take a closer look. The aim was to take a close look at and research the electric charging station for cars. In the second attempt we had then calculated all digits correctly and of course correctly. But that wasn't enough. The wooden car from the cache also needed a use. We briefly loaded it – according to the regulations – and it already helped us to free the loguch. Very nicely made cache of this treasure hunt in Oldenburg! We were happy to leave a FaVoP here directly!


Climate treasure air base/solar system

Our number 4 treasure hunt in Oldenburg was the cache at the air base. Also a very beautiful area, at first we didn't understand why the air base had anything to do with climate treasures, but reading the listing helped.

Treasure hunt in Oldenburg Solar

And already we were standing in front of the numerous solar panels. And we opened the cache - and were horrified. Here we expected pure destruction. Should that be so? No, almost certainly not... We found a small solar panel with a cut wire and we couldn't do anything with it. A quick look at the listing - crap, the cache had just been disabled. Of course, we couldn't calculate the coordinates for the bonus with that and neither for our coin, which we wanted to work out. Our mood dropped! As a prospective electrician, GeoZwerg30 had the idea of ​​taking a closer look. Hopefully this won't cause any trouble with the owners, after all it said "don't open it up" in large letters. But we had repaired the cache in a fairly short time, even secured it with insulating tape and made it usable again for the next cacher. We were also told the code to open the logbook container so that we could log successfully. Of course we reported to the owner. It will be usable here for the next caches, a relief should be installed. After the log we have built everything back and screwed it back together. Good if a young cacher is interested in research! Relieved, we headed back to the car.


Climate treasure – hydropower

Our next goal of the treasure hunt in Oldenburg was the hydroelectric power station, which was built in 1927 and is now a listed building. Matching the topic, we needed the 1-2 liter water container here. We were lazy and brought 2 liters of water with us, so that we saved ourselves the trip to the Hunte. With enough water power, we were able to elicit the secret of the code for the logbook from the cache.


Climate Treasure – Utkiek

Our treasure hunt in Oldenburg took us to an extensive green area that was created on the former landfill site. Here, with a bit of skill, three hills were deposited and a beautiful leisure facility was created. Finally our lighter was used. That was almost the heaviest utensil for us, because lighters are not really part of our equipment. But here you really need it, because the heat of the lighter triggers the numerical code. It worked for us right away and that's how we got the number code.


Climate treasure – tree house

Anyone who now thinks of a climbing cache is completely wrong. Baumhaus e.V. is an association for the promotion of people with disabilities. They run a bicycle repair shop, among other things. And you can see that when you get to the coordinates of the cache. A bicycle – a cache container on the luggage rack. Task - what to do? We don't see anything in the listing either. Since the bike is standing so nicely on a stand, the GeoZwerg30 simply sits on it - the bike also invites you to do so.... And you can actually see the obvious – and you already hold the log book in your hands. cool number.....


Climate treasure – gift market

We had already arrived at the last of the eight Tradis on the subject of climate protection during the treasure hunt in Oldenburg. As a self-confessed food saver, I'm not at all unfamiliar with the subject of give away markets, free your stuff or barter exchanges. Unfortunately, if you only do the cache here, you won't notice much of the gift market. In the cache container itself, unfortunately, not really good exchange behavior can be seen. So quickly logged and closed the container again. We looked around the area to find out more about the Local Agenda 21 gift market. Here you can experience social commitment.


In the meantime, the rest have already calculated to calculate the coordinates of the bonus. It's always nice when something logical comes out of it. So back in the car and off we went to the bonus.


Climate Treasure – The Bonus

Finding a parking space here is a stroke of luck... A part of the team went off and followed the hint far too stubbornly – and of course they were promptly wrong. After a short orientation, we then found the right spot and were able to sign the log book for the bonus of the treasure hunt in Oldenburg. In the meantime, the parking lot had been found and so the full team strength went to buy coins.


Treasure hunt in Oldenburg: The coin for the series

Of course we then made our way to the tourist information to have a quick chat and of course one of the Geocoins to rise to the series. A particularly beautiful piece of jewelry for our coin showcase could be purchased here.

Treasure hunt in Oldenburg Coin

A wonderful reminder of a wonderful and instructive day.


If you would like to visit the tour as a company outing, company event or team event, you are welcome to contact the owner.

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