Icon as a gift - locationless cache in a new form

Icon as a gift and do something good for environmental protection

 There are nineteen different icons. And while we all deal with Tradi, Multi, Mystery on an almost daily basis, there are also some rarer icons. You don't find an APE cache every day, a GPS Adventures Exhibit or even a giga event don't take place near us every day. But they are easy to do and over the course of a few years as a cacher, a considerable number also accumulates with Cito or Giga. Almost automatically if you also like going to events.

Groundspeak provides a total of 19 icons and some of them are quite difficult to access. This also includes the locationless (reverse) cache. Last year, for example, at the Mega in Bonn, you could still take a photo with a certain Signal poster – and you already had this icon in the statistics. It is known from stories that there used to be more of this type of cache. But there will probably only be a few cachers who can show this icon more than once in their statistics. The first locationless caches evolved into waymarking, and as Groundspeak continued to develop the game, all locationless caches were archived. Unlike webcams, for example, existing locationless caches could no longer be found. The first exception was Signal the Frog in 2020, for which a photo with Signal or with a specific poster was sufficient for this log.


For everyone who is still completely missing this icon - and of course everyone else - Groundspeak now has a gift. A pandemic premium, so to speak. The voices are already getting loud that it's nonsense, it's a long way from geocaching. Let's just see it positively, as an invitation to do something good and receive a gift from Groundspeak... Maybe we can even meet again in the second half of the campaign and work on the icon together. Who knows….


The cache "Let's improve the outdoors - Locationless Cache", GC8NEAT, can be logged between February 6th and December 31st, 2021. With this cache from the headquarters, geocachers should be encouraged to contribute something to environmental protection. Cito's, which often have the same goal, are currently difficult to achieve. The new Locationsless Cache should be a small compensation for this.

But there is a log requirement. The aim is to improve the environment. To our efforts for it. So what exactly needs to be done?

The first thing we need to do is take a photo of ourselves or a personal item with results of our environmental improvement efforts. In addition, one communicates where the improvement efforts have taken place and in which location. This photo is appended to the log of the GC8NEAT cache. Secondly, many more photos are welcome to be attached. A whole story can be told.

Environmental protection is broad. Picking up garbage in nature is perhaps the most well-known method of a cito in cacher circles, but there are many other possibilities. There is still time until February 6th to think of something to do.


At the moment you can see and read the listing when entering the GC codes, but not yet logging the cache. This is only possible from February 6, 2021. But we can all consider where our contribution to environmental protection could be and which photo we would like to take. Maybe even what story we want to tell. There may also be more photos. Maybe we make a family campaign out of it? Even non-caches in the narrow social environment can also be integrated-of course corona form ...


Even if you may even have a lot of ideas for environmental protection campaigns, you can only log the cache once. You can attach more photos by the end of the year.


And something else: you not only acquire the locationless icon, but also a special souvenir on your own geocaching profile. So we are all excited to see what kind of ideas we will develop ourselves and what we will see from other geocachers.

We wish everyone a lot of fun!

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