Country souvenirs: keepsake and incentive

When geocaching, souvenirs in different shapes and colors remind you of places and events that you have experienced. In this blog post you will learn what souvenirs are available, where to find them and how to present them to others.

What are country souvenirs?

In general, souvenirs in geocaching are virtual souvenirs that Groundspeak (operator of the platform forgives. For this you have to meet different requirements. Depending on which souvenir it is, the conditions are sometimes simple and rather complicated to fulfill. When it comes to country souvenirs, the situation is relatively simple: you just have to find a geocache in the respective country and you will receive the corresponding country souvenir, provided that Groundspeak has already published a country souvenir for that country.

Fresh on the souvenir map Tanzania in Africa added. If you specifically about this country souvenir If you want to know more, we recommend the current blog post „New country souvenir, Tanzania, with Geocache of the Week: Uhuru Peak“. Here you can read up to Agrika's highest mountain peak. At an altitude of 5894 meters you get the geocache "Uhuru Peak" (GC10CTQ) and if it should be your first geocache in Tanzania, also the country souvenir directly. The location appeals to you, but you still have no idea how to travel to Africa and geocache there? Don't worry, after all, this website is called Cacher Travel for a reason. But more on that in a moment.

Souvenirs are “virtual works of art” in the truest sense of the word. Professional graphic designers work hard to create attractive memories for the cacher community. A whole gallery could now be filled with all the different souvenirs. You can find the souvenirs you have gotten so far in your personal profile on

What types of souvenirs are there?

You can get small colorful pictures for your geocaching profile not only for countries and federal states. Another shape are event souvenirs: For example, you will receive a unique memento for your participation in a mega event. Let's hope that such great meetings will soon take place "quite normally" again and that we can share the community experience live and in color again. The List of upcoming Mega and Giga Events 2022 may also include a suitable event for you. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the corona pandemic won't put a spanner in the works for us!

However, you don't only get souvenirs for trips to distant countries or for events: Souvenirs for special caches: It goes without saying that the Geocaching Headquarters hides such a special geocache right on site: „Geocaching Headquarters“ (GCK25B). And you will also receive a souvenir for successfully finding the first geocache: „Original Stash Tribute Plaque“ (GCGV0P).

Since 2018 everyone has GeoTours also souvenirs. GeoTours are now also represented in Germany and our team is happy that it has already been able to add a reasonable number. So if you want to immortalize one of the following regions and cities on your souvenir card, we recommend these GeoTours among others: The prerequisite is that you find and log all geocaches of the respective GeoTour (without already archived ones):


At this point, we can only give you a small insight into the colorful world of geocaching souvenirs and just touch on how you can reach them. You can also find a long list of countries for which there are already country souvenirs! Our managing director Daniel answers in this YouTube-Video a few questions about GeoTours and souvenirs.

Controversy in the geocaching community

Of course, souvenirs do not remain uncommented and so the geocaching community is controversially discussing the virtual pictures. What is a motivation for some cachers, for others questions the basic idea of the modern scavenger hunt via GPS signal. Once again, the notorious middle ground is definitely the best solution. After all, the hunt for souvenirs and points should not end in addiction.

Having fun outdoors in the fresh air is the focus of every geocaching activity. Desperate ambition to collect the most souvenirs is out of place. But please don't feel slowed down when we give you this preventive advice. It's really very motivating to get a "reward" for your efforts during a treasure hunt.

Current souvenirs

You can become active directly and go looking for souvenirs: The turn of the year now has two event souvenirs immediately available: But how do you get the two souvenirs? Very easily: The „Fin 2021 Souvenir“ Receive if you find any geocache between December 24th and December 31st, 2021. ATTENTION: Which geocache types count will come soon. That „Es was once 2022 souvenir“ earn by finding another geocache between January 1st and January 8th, 2022.

These geocache types count towards the souvenirs:
  • Traditional-Geocache
  • Multi-Geocache
  • Virtual-Geocache
  • Letterbox-hybrid-geocache
  • Event-Geocache
  • Puzzle-Geocache
  • Webcam-Geocache
  • EarthCache™-Geocache
  • Wherigo™-Geocache
  • Adventure Lab-Cache
With this in mind, we wish you a lot of fun in your search and collecting souvenirs between the years. Oh, there was something else that we already hinted at above. A trip to Africa in the new year still seems unlikely to you and the geocaches hidden there unreachable? Why actually? Finally, there are cacher trips that you can use to make such dreams come true. Our travel offer „Great Africa tour“ from 1st to 14th July 2022 takes you through a total of 7 African countries.

In our travel group you will get to know geocaching in a completely new way and you will certainly not forget this experience. Feel free to look around in our travel catalog and ask us questions if something is unclear. The connecting character of geocaching can be felt worldwide and we look forward to bringing you closer to the diverse world of geocaching in an unforgettable way. A little tip at the end: On our Instagram channel you can see how great cacher trips with adventurous people are. So then, see you soon in the forest and on trips!

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