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On February 29th this year we were represented with a booth at the beautiful Mega Beethoven in Bonn. Our booth was well attended, many geocachers informed themselves.

General questions that do not relate specifically to a trip are certainly of interest to several geocachers. We wanted to address these questions and hope that many will read our information. In the next few days you will be able to read something of general interest under the heading "Mega Questions".

Are you a travel agency?
We get asked that question quite often. The answer is clear: NO, we are not a travel agency.
At a travel agency, you can go into the sales room and book a trip from another company that the travel agency offers. Roughly described. With tour operators, to which we also belong with cacher trips, travel modules are put together by the organizer himself to create his own trip. This means we buy different modules for each trip. Usually the flight or the train and the possibility to sleep. Often also program items, transport, etc. The whole thing then forms a new trip that you can book with us. Just like we planned the trip for you.

And you can “come in” with us to a limited extent. Annette, who prepares many trips, does not have her office in Hanover, where the company is based. In Hanover there is the office and workshop of the company Secret Point GmbH. The Hanomaghof, as the office building is called, is always worth a visit. You will definitely find an unusual cache on the wall of the house and if not everyone is working outside, there is always time for a chat. But it's not like you go there to book a trip. Our new website has been created for this purpose. Have you ever browsed there? We can still be found at, only recently with a new outfit.

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