Mega - asked - have you ever been to this hotel?

On February 29th this year we were represented with a booth at the beautiful Mega Beethoven in Bonn. Our stand was well attended, many geocachers found out more.

General questions that do not concern a specific trip are certainly of interest to many geocachers. We wanted to address these questions and hope that many will read our information. In the next few days you will be able to read something of general interest under the heading "Mega - in demand".

Have you ever been to this hotel?
When we repeat a trip, the question often arises as to whether we stayed in the same hotel last time. The answer to this question is as simple as it is logical: if we were satisfied and the feedback from the participants was the same, then we will try to book the proven hotel again. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to book the required number of rooms in a proven hotel - either because the hotel does not have a sufficient number of rooms or because they are not available at the time we have chosen. Then we have to choose another hotel for this reason.



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