Mega - Inquired - What are the travel destinations in the near future?

On February 29th this year we were represented with a booth at the beautiful Mega Beethoven in Bonn. Our booth was well attended, many geocachers informed themselves.

General questions that do not relate specifically to a trip are certainly of interest to several geocachers. We wanted to address these questions and hope that many will read our information. In the next few days you will be able to read something of general interest under the heading "Mega Questions".

When we were at the Mega, Corona was already an issue. But it hasn't affected our trips yet as far as implementation is concerned. Of course there were many questions about it, but it was still in the future. Now, only 2 weeks after the event, the pandemic has us firmly in its grip and a lot has changed for us. We had to cancel parts of our tours in the near future, the group of Caribbean travelers was informed 24 hours before departure that the cruise was cancelled. The Giga in Prague is shaking and other countries have also closed their borders. I'm sure everyone noticed.... For us that means a lot, actually everything.... And yet I decided to publish this article today (March 15). The times will come when we can travel again!

What are the goals for the near future?
First of all we would like to draw your attention back to our website.​ Under​ you will get a good overview of what we offer.

We are happy to describe the upcoming trip with free places here:

Chernobyl tours
As one of our "hobbyhorses", this tour is in great demand and will take place several times this year. Some dates are booked for closed groups. So if you are interested with your regulars' table, your puzzle group, etc.: you can have your own tour put together for groups of 15 or more.
But even if you are interested alone or as a couple, there are still 4 dates this year (currently: only dates in the second half of the year are offered....). There are still a few spots left for everyone.
It goes from a desired airport in Germany to Kyiv. The following day we drive with “our” company to the zone around Chernobyl and Pripyat. This company knows our hobby and manages to combine information, sightseeing and geocaching in the zone. Unlike with “mixed tour groups”, everyone here is geared towards geocaching.

The Big Five
At the end of June we are going to Africa. We can reach up to seven country points, have a safari, go visit penguins and of course raise one or the other cache. We are confident that we can do this tour.

Baltic States
We were often asked if we wouldn't repeat the beautiful tour through Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Aland and Sweden. Now in summer it's time. In July we'll be going by bus, ferry and plane on this small group tour.

In August we're going to the 20-year celebration in Seattle. We are on the road for 3 weeks and offer 6 different modules. The groups are quite large, individual modules are sold out. If you are interested, take a look at the website! It is a huge program that awaits you there.

South America
We do this tour almost every year. The goal is the last real APE cache in Intervales Park in Brazil. Every year we try to “upgrade” the tour a bit. This year it also goes to Machu Picchu, to Santiago de Chile and of course to the Iguazu waterfalls before it goes to the APE. This September tour still has a few spots left.

The last big trip this year takes us to Australia and New Zealand. It also lasts 3 weeks so that we can experience at least a part of this beauty. Not a very cheap pleasure and you also need 3 weeks vacation. Have a look anyway, this is a unique opportunity.

And then the year 2021 will come. We have already planned some great goals, others we are currently considering how we can best do it. In any case, we will present the 2021 trips on September 13th in Hanover at the Mega. You can be there and experience the innovations first-hand.

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