Mega - asked - how does booking a trip work with you?

On February 29th this year we were represented with a booth at the beautiful Mega Beethoven in Bonn. Our booth was well attended, many geocachers informed themselves.

General questions that do not relate specifically to a trip are certainly of interest to several geocachers. We wanted to address these questions and hope that many will read our information. In the next few days you will be able to read something of general interest under the heading "Mega Questions".

How does a booking like this work for you?
We were asked more often how things will continue once you have booked.

This has changed a little with the conversion of our website. It may be that the description here is still unknown to one or the other.

You book the desired trip on the Cacher-Reisen website. When paying, you can choose between invoice and Paypal.

You will then receive an automatically generated confirmation of receipt of the booking very promptly.

The invoice should arrive by e-mail in the next 2 days. This is also the acceptance of the travel booking by our company.

Within a week after your booking you should receive an email from Cacher-Reisen, which contains the first details about the trip, usually also the link to the manual of the trip.
This handbook contains all important travel information. It is not finished, but is constantly being updated. You will receive a link that you can open at any time and read the information about the trip.
From then on we will be in direct contact with you until we meet at departure or departure.

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