National Escape Day

Are you tired of the warm winter? Are you tired of the gray everyday life? Then today is the right opportunity to enjoy National Escape Day!

National Escape Day is celebrated in the United States on January 30th. This curious holiday is often translated as "escape from everyday life".

A very pleasant escape from everyday life can be trips or smaller tours. Just let your soul dangle a little, discover something new, return gratefully and full of energy…..

How did National Escape Day come about?

Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered. There are no reliable sources as to who created this curious holiday, why it happened and why on January 30th. But why not? Maybe the dark season plays a role, where you would like to flee .... It's safe to say that the day gets a lot of media attention in the US.

Thanks to the media attention, we also know that National Refugee Day means escaping from everyday life in a positive sense. Get out of the rut and do something different...

What do you do on the day of honor for escaping everyday life?

You can and should do whatever is good for you. This can be a long walk with a nice multi-cache or a walk to a more distant tradition. It can be a short walk in the evening when the whole day has been busy. Of course, all leisure activities go, such as wellness or just a nice bubble bath. Or simply move to the couch with a book and blanket. Or plan a trip or a weekend trip! We still have some ideas for you! Why not plan a weekend in Ljubljana for the local mega? Or be spontaneous and book another cacher cruise in March? Then today is certainly filled with lots of information about escaping everyday life....

Where would you like to escape to? To a beach in the Caribbean or to hike the highest mountain in the world? Write it to us in a comment...

Maybe you can't escape to your dream destination right now, but you can enjoy the day and break out of everyday life a little. We have given you a few examples.

Whatever you do today, have a good time and have a wonderful day!

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