Petra in Jordan – Practical tips for a visit

Visiting Jordan is a must when visiting Petra.

This is an old rock town, about which we would like to give you very practical information. You can find out a lot about the history and background on the Internet - we would like to tell you something about the entry formalities and the caches that you can find here.


Driving from Aqaba, Red Sea

We are driving to Petra from the south as we have moved into our accommodation in Aqaba. The journey takes about 2 to 2.5 hours. We took a break after 1.5 hours at a great vantage point where you can also buy silk scarves (equivalent to EUR 40) and magnets. Coffee and tea and toilets are of course also available.


Then it was just under an hour further to Moses, which is the city where the entrance to the rock city of Petra is located.

Entrance to Petra

We bought the Jordan Pass. At 70 JOD for the "Wanderer Edition" not exactly cheap. However, since we are in Jordan for 3 nights, he saves us the money at the border. Since we are going on a trip to Israel to also get the country point there, we would have to pay an entry fee at the border. We already saved that with the Jordan Pass. This pass has already included many entries in Jordan. We only use the entrance fee for Petra, which is actually a pity, but the entrance fee and limit together would have been significantly more than these 70 JOD. So we only organized the bus transfer and a guide. Buses that are registered require a guide on the premises in Petra. However, that doesn't mean you can't move freely. Buses just need a guide….

Our guide Nizar

We decided to spend a day in Petra. With a higher quality (more expensive) Jordan Pass you can also buy admission for 2 days.

Surely 2 days in Petra will not be boring, you have more time on site and you can also move up to Monastir more slowly. However, if you are only in Jordan for a few days, then you can discover a lot here in one day.

Upon arrival, the bus (or any car) drives to a parking lot a little above the entrance to the Siq. A few steps lead down, on the right and left you can buy the first souvenirs. However, here too: no pushy pick-ups. You might be spoken to, but nothing more.

Lettering as a popular photo motif

Directly in front of the entrance there is an "I Petra" sign, which is a coveted photo motif. Then it's off to a circular square. To do this, you go through a bag check in the form of a scan belt and you go through a scan sheet yourself. Similar to the airport. On the right you will find - at least in the early morning - clean toilets, on the left are seating and the information desk. There you can get your entrance ticket with the Jordan Pass. The QR code of the pass is scanned - this ensures that you cannot get a ticket the next day with a hiker pass that is designed for a day visit.

Our ticket

Otherwise, a few shops, a to-go food stand and a restaurant line the square. Maybe more for the end of the tour….

When we have the tickets in our hands, we continue to the right entrance. To do this, go to the entrance on the back left side of the square. Here you show your admission ticket and a photo ID. It doesn't have to be your passport, your identity card, health insurance card or driver's license is all you need. And you're already in Petra! 

It goes down slightly, the path is very different. Stones, gravel, parts of the old trade route, etc. alternate.

Eating and drinking on site

To put it simply: yes, there is. It's just expensive. If you don't want to carry a lot of weight and leave the water bottles on the bus, then you have to dig into your pockets. We paid the equivalent of 3 EUR for a 0.5 l water bottle. Likewise, a coffee at the entrance in the restaurant (with Wifi!) cost 3 euros, the cappuccino 4 euros, a 0.33l coke 3 euros.

On the recommendation of our guide, we visited the Sandstone Restaurant at 4:30 p.m., just a few meters below the entrance to Petra. The buffet arranged for us cost 10 JOD, about 12.50 EUR. Instead, there was salad and delicious pastes such as hummus, aubergine paste, etc. The main course consisted of pasta, rice and 2 sauces with meatballs. For dessert there were balls of dough soaked in honey. A typical local meal that had typical tourist prices. You should refrain from beer, here a can costs about 12 EUR... All other drinks within the typical range. It is recommended to head home to Aqaba beforehand and eat at Papaya, for example. Also typical of the country, same price, but much higher quality food.

Donkey, horse, dromedary

Directly after the ticket control there is a "riding track" next to the main path. Here you can be taken through the Siq on horseback or donkey or in a cab.


The donkey owners advertise that you have already paid for the ride with the entrance fee, which is included. We experienced a discussion at the end on several occasions, so we would not count on it. We haven't tried it ourselves.

The carriage ride costs in any case, the prices are posted. 20 JOD one way, 40 return. That can be a consideration for the way back from the main square.

Would you like a cab for the return trip?


There is plenty of that. But you will only be approached if you show interest. Things can be bought in shops in several places, but there are also small, open stands that use a little wall to spread out their goods. Children with postcards walk around and talk to the tourists. However, this too: if you say “no thanks” and smile at the same time, then they move on.

Fridge magnets, which are always a popular souvenir on our tours, are also available here. There are cast molds in beige-brown, 3 pieces for 1 JOD, approx. EUR 1.40. Otherwise there are magnets in all colors and shapes, we paid the equivalent of 4.40 EUR for 2 pieces. That was a bargain...




We left Aqaba at 8.30 in the morning after a leisurely breakfast.

With the stopover we arrived in Petra at 11.15 am. Our event was scheduled for 4:00 p.m., the bus was waiting for us at 4:30 p.m. There was just enough time. You shouldn't plan less. 5 hours isn't much if you want to take some photos, dare to climb Monastir and are looking for earth cache answers. Half an hour more would not be bad either.

The path from the entrance to Monastir is 4.8 km - including a few meters of altitude. It is about 1.5 km to the main square, which can be comfortably walked in the Siq. Everyone can then choose the further route according to their mood.


Needless to say, a visit to Petra is part of Jordan and a MUST, right? But it is also really great and impressive.


There follows another blog post specifically about the geocaches in Petra. Stop by!

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