Ryanair - Our experiences with the low-cost airline

Ryanair as a low-cost airline can also be interesting for geocachers. That's why we wanted to tell you about our experiences with Ryanair.

One of the better known, the Irish airline Ryanair based in Dublin, has been used by us several times privately and for cacher trips.


For geocachers with an affinity for country points, the year has too few vacation days. One or the other nearby country is explored over a weekend. In addition to time, of course, your own finances also play a role. And this is where so-called low-cost airlines come into play, including Ryanair. The ratings are not bad, the age of the machines has a positive effect and the airport selection also allows Ryanair as an alternative

Ryanair – Logo

The Ryanair logo looks to me like a stretched out young woman with wings in yellow on a blue background. According to Wikipedia, it is intended to commemorate the coat of arms of the Republic of Ireland, the society's home country, which depicts a harp on a blue background.
Whether it's a harp or a woman is in the eye of the beholder.


Ryanair rarely gives you anything as a gift, a flight costs a few euros. Ryanair often has very cheap offers and if you want to fly from Germany to a neighboring European country, you can get cheap flights from this company. Ryanair often has offers for a few euros for many destinations from Frankfurt or other domestic German airports. You should know that with Ryanair, as with other companies, the price for the first flight is cheap if you book more seats or if the demand for an airport or a flight from Germany increases, then the price also increases. This is not unique to Ryanair, it is the same with other airlines. Due to the very clearly designed website, you can see it perhaps more clearly than elsewhere.


When boarding the last trip's plane, one of the participants said she had heard it was always so dirty here. I can't confirm that for all Ryanair flights - and I've done quite a few. I rather have the feeling that it is cleaner since the seats etc. can be easily removed. Ultimately, however, that can only be a feeling, because it would be washable. However, I once found the chewing gum on the front seat with a renowned airline of another name, not with the low-cost airline.


Anyone who claims that Ryanair has the least amount of space is wrong in our opinion. As a rule, there are no long-haul flights here, so that a smaller amount of space would also be sufficient. However, Ryanair also has different machines that offer different legroom for the passengers depending on their size. The assessments on this point vary greatly among all participants we have asked about this point.


The service is of course adjusted to the cost of the flight. If you only pay 39.90 EUR for a flight, a full meal with two beers and soft drinks cannot be included. Accordingly, one expects neither food nor drink on the cheap flights. Since you usually fly short-haul with Ryanair, you cover yourself with a drink behind the security check and you survive the time. At Frankfurt Airport it is also possible to fill up empty bottles with drinking water that have been brought in through security.

Ryanair Rooms

Ryanair has also been trying to get a foothold in the accommodation agency market for some time. Even if there are enough booking portals for hotel rooms from our point of view, booking with Ryanair also has advantages. First of all, however, it should be said that the booking site is not very user-friendly and we lack essential information about the hotels. In addition, managing the booking is anything but easy. If you don't save the confirmation directly and cleanly, you'll never find your own booking again. In relation to booking.com. for example, this is nerve wracking and uncomfortable. However, it is an advantage if you can earn a monetary benefit. After a hotel stay booked through Ryanair, you get 5% of the hotel price back as flight credit. A weekend flight to Manchester can be a mega jump!


Will Brexit affect air fares? With English airlines you can feel changes in the flight routes. There are more intermediate goals, company locations are founded in Europe and non-European shares are sold to European owners. It remains to be seen whether there will be any long-term effects on air fares for the end consumer.


If the price/performance ratio is right, Ryanair seems to us to be a very usable plane. We will book this again on one of our next trips to Dublin and can then compare. The age of the machines and the rating of various airlines do not prevent us from booking with this company. If you are interested in our trips - whether with Ryanair or with a flight with a renowned airline - then have a look here: https://www.cacher-reisen.com

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